Accurate IFU Translation Services

Your instructions for use, also known as IFU, require incredibly accurate translations to ensure compliance with the FDA. These detailed instructions on labeling or medical device products need to be easily communicated with patients to ensure proper use. We help clients translate instructions for use through our team of native-speaking translation professionals who are familiar and experienced in medical translations. Over the years, we’ve helped countless companies in the medical industry deal with common hurdles related to their medical device translation. From delays and stoppages to accuracy and confidentiality, we’ve created optimal solutions for it all.

Our dedicated translation team will work with you from start to finish to ensure the utmost accuracy of the information and optimal workflow for on-time delivery. We serve international markets through certified and precise translation services you can trust for all of your labeling or medical device needs. Whether it’s medical device manufacturers or prescription drug labels, our medical translators can help. Explore how our team can help your medical company today through IFU translation solutions.


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IFU Translation Made Easy

Your IFU translation process doesn’t need to be complex. We pair you with native-speaking translators, project managers and in-house quality control for trusted results. The healthcare industry requires precision when it comes to IFU or medical device translation. We offer a seamless and simple route to translating your documents to reduce liability and boost safety for a global market.

Pharmaceutical Translation

Prescription drug labels require detail-oriented instructions on how to prepare, administer, handle, store, and dispose of pharmaceuticals. Our team of translation professionals is experienced in accurately translating source material for both written and visual labeling to ensure proper communication with patients. We’ll help your company remain compliant with regulatory compliance guidelines and ensure safe usage for pharmaceutical products.

Medical Device Translation

We help your team remain in accordance with the Medical Device Regulation through instruction for use translation for medical equipment. Our team of native-speaking translators helps to inform the user of a device’s intended proper use, purpose, and precautions to ensure safe handling. Not only does this ensure patient safety, but it also safeguards your business against a claim or litigation if improper steps were taken with a medical device.

Localization of Instructions For Use

Your IFU labeling and documentation needs to be just as clear, accurate, and accessible in English as they are when translated. We assist companies in the localization of their translation in providing clear-cut instructions for the healthcare employee and the patient. Whether it’s terminology, equipment directions, and safe use information or step-by-step instructions for preparation, handling, storage, disposal, or even administration information — we can help through localized translations.

We help companies through localization of their IFU documents or labeling for accurate communication of information. This includes units of measurement or idiomatic expressions that don’t always translate word-for-word. You need a trusted translation company that can assist with all of the nuances of translating your IFU documentation today.

Our native-speaking translators are well-versed in the cultural and local differences for your IFU translations. International Language Services can help customize your translations to ensure that local languages or dialects receive the attention they deserve. Additionally, we can provide neutral internationalized translations for easy adaptation.

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Why Choose International Language Services, Inc.?

High-Quality IFU Translations

We back our IFU translation offerings with ISO 9001 certification to ensure the utmost quality for our clients. Through experienced native-speaking medical translators we’re able to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines and provide peace of mind to customers like you.

Competitive Pricing

We combine experienced medical translators with state-of-the-art technology to provide our translation services at a competitive price point, reducing costs along the way. From medical manufacturers to pharmaceutical companies — we provide affordable IFU translation services you can rely on.

Unrivaled Resources

You deserve more than native-speaking translators for your IFU needs. Our translation professionals are well-versed in your exact documentation to ensure high-quality results. Every one of our translators is supervised by designated project managers and in-house quality control to reduce errors and speed up workflow for on-time delivery.

On-Time Delivery

We know that stoppages or delays with your IFU translations can have a significant impact on both the provider and the patient. International Language Services guarantees on-time delivery with our instructions for use translations to ensure that all of your labeling and medical devices have all of the necessary safeguards to keep production moving.

Trusted Project Management

Take advantage of our seamless IFU translation process with the help of a designated project manager to optimize workflow and ensure on-time delivery. Your project manager will oversee all of the steps involved in translating your instructions for use and keep you in the loop at all times regarding their progress.

In-House Quality Control

You deserve accuracy and quality for your IFU translations. Our in-house quality control team oversees the final product to make certain that it stands up to our rigorous standards. From instructions for use for a medical device to IFUs for pharmaceuticals — our in-house quality control team will ensure compliance with FDA regulations and ISO 9001 certification.

Outstanding Communication & Service

We live and breathe communication and a dedication to incredible service for our clients. We move mountains to make certain that our customers are beyond satisfied with their IFU translation results. We specialize in helping countries throughout the global marketplace translate their instructions for use and keep in constant communication throughout the translation process.

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Our Languages

We offer IFU translation in over 180 languages. When you contact International Language Services, we’ll ask your specific region and tailor our translation team to fit your exact language need. Our team will pair you with a translator with in-depth knowledge of the medical space to guarantee quality results and on-time delivery. Discover our entire catalog of languages today.

Our Industries

From medical device manufacturers to pharmaceuticals — we help countless sectors of the healthcare industry through IFU translation. We only partner you with a translation professional who is experienced in the medical field, labeling, and regulatory compliance standards to ensure unmatched service.

You need accurate translation services that understand the pain points and unique challenges of the medical field and its IFUs. We’re here to be your reliable solution to optimize workflow, reduce delays, and eliminate errors so that you can produce medical devices and pharmaceuticals with the world market in mind. We’ve helped countless clients in the medical field through our certified translation offerings, native-speaking translators, and in-house quality control for unmatched results.

We’ve compiled an extensive database of medical terminology, phrases, and linguistic files to remain up-to-date with your IFU translation needs. Discover some of our most popular sectors of the medical industry today.

  • CE Mark Translation

  • Diagnostic Equipment

  • Disposable Medical Devices

  • Medical Imaging

  • Medical Implants

  • Orthopedic Devices

  • Patient Monitoring

  • Respiratory Devices

  • Surgical Equipment

  • And more…

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