Formatting—Translations That Match Your Company’s Style

For your brochures, user manuals, websites, and other documents, as much thought goes into how content is presented as into the content itself. When you translate for international markets, you want to preserve the look of that content. ILS specializes in translation formatting to match your corporate image, thus preserving your carefully designed presentation format and branding. Working with your source files, ILS can format your project to match your original or insert additional languages into the template you provide.

Our production team is experienced in formatting and proofreading multi-lingual documents of any size and complexity and in using all popular applications such as InDesign, Quark, and FrameMaker, as well as tagged formats like HTML, SGML, XML, and ASP.

Some of the issues involved in matching your formatting include:

  • Character Sets—Where the target language uses a different alphabet, is character-based, or utilizes a different directional flow for text, we can adapt those differences to the design of your pages, website, or software interface.
  • Copy Fitting—Translated text rarely is the same length as the original. Languages like French often result in longer sentences than English, while other languages may use fewer words to say the same thing. Character-based languages like Chinese present completely different issues. Hyphenation rules and other issues also require specially handling when formatting text. All these issues are language-sensitive, and ILS is ideally suited to skillfully handle them for you.
  • Text Within Graphics—Text within graphic files must be extracted, translated, and then re-inserted into the original graphic. ILS can work with your original graphics files to produce the final results you need.
  • Software Interface Issues—Navigation tools, menus, help files, and other internal text must fit the space available or the interface may have to be altered to accommodate the new language. ILS can assist with these issues.
  • Website Navigation Tools—As with software interfaces, website navigation must be handled in a way that preserves the look and feel of your website, while being correct and friendly to users in your target country. At ILS, we’re experts at dealing with these issues.

Publication-Ready Results Save Time & Additional Expense

Whether your translation will have a final home on paper or in another medium, formatting your project is a crucial step. At ILS, we can handle your translation from start to finish. Since we understand the language of the translation, we’re best equipped to format it, error-free, to fit your design. We work with your original source files to deliver a completed translation project that is ready for printing or electronic display. From product brochures and catalogs to manuals and websites, the completed translation project will be ready to publish when we deliver it to you.

Full-Service Translation Services

At ILS, your project isn’t finished until every aspect of it matches your needs. From a white paper or proposal, to a fully-fledged website or product catalog, ILS can handle every aspect of the project. We’ll deliver your completed translation in whatever format you specify, ready for immediate use.

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