Translation, Editing, and Proofing

The need for efficient and high-quality translation is at an all-time high. However, you also need to pay keen attention to the editing and proofing side of the equation. At International Language Services we know the importance of this, and implement efforts to provide the best translation services possible for our clients.


Editing & Proofing: Ensuring Accuracy and Clarity in Our Work

When you reach out to us for translation assistance, you also get the added benefit of editing and proofing. At International Language Services, we know that quality translation comes with knowing particular tones and cultural nuances. With that in mind, we integrate those elements into our work in our comprehensive three-step process.

Our Editing Process

At International Language Services we translate in over 180 different languages. To ensure accuracy and clarity, each translation team assigned to your project is comprised of two native-speaking translators. The first translates the document into the target language while considering cultural and regional language nuances. This ensures clarity for your intended audience while maintaining the tone and style of the original communication.

Once the initial translation is completed, the second translator compares the translation to the source file for accuracy, completeness, and tone. If the translation can be improved, proposed edits are provided. This second look ensures that your message is consistently communicated across all the languages you need. Making editing and proofing translations a standard part of our process helps ensure a level of accuracy and clarity that our clients have come to rely upon.

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Reviewing Translations

At times we get clients that have had a translation completed previously, but they want to verify its accuracy or get a second opinion in terms of context and cultural dialect. We happily take on these projects and will review the information as much as we do in projects done from scratch.

During the review process, we take both the original document and the provided translation. We then do a cursory review to see if the two overlap correctly. Sometimes there are a few errors, and we will proceed with the job on a correction basis.

However, there are times when it becomes evident that the initial translator was an artificial intelligence service. Often there are significant errors that come with this route, and it doesn’t read in the same fluid manner that a human native speaker provides. In events such as this, we typically recommend a complete retranslation.

Benefits of Working With International Language Services

Working with our services offers many benefits:

High-Quality Translations

When it comes to our work at International Language Services, we hold ourselves to a high level of quality, no matter the industry. Working with human native speakers in over 180 different languages, we deliver detailed and relatable content for our clients and their readers. We also provide ISO 9001:2015 certification for added quality assurance.

Competitive Pricing

We understand that the cost of translation can reach high levels due to the many details involved in the process. At International Language Services, we offer competitive and budget-friendly pricing to ease the burden on our clients.


When you partner with us for your translation needs, you get the added bonus of localization services. You will have units of measurement, metaphors, and cultural references inserted to read appropriately with your target audience.

Technical Translators

We understand that translation needs vary throughout the United States. Therefore, we take steps to incorporate all necessary materials and programs through our technical translators to make the execution and delivery of our work seamless for all involved.

Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

When it comes to working with International Language Services, you can rest assured that you will have your translation in your hands within the guaranteed amount of time. Knowing that many of these documents are critical with strict deadlines, we make the promise to provide them when needed.

In-House Quality Control

With our three-step process for translation, we can assure high quality, accurate translations every time. Our team of translators strives to fulfill the necessary steps to deliver top-notch content to our clients.

Superior Communication and Service

Right off the bat, you will see the high level of communication and customer service that we offer at International Language Services. We pride ourselves on setting the bar high and strive to build long-lasting and positive relationships with all the clients we serve.

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