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ILS is a leader in the technical translation services industry. We provide companies with professional translators, comprehensive processes, sophisticated linguistic tools, and unmatched quality control to empower business initiatives. We deliver targeted and professional translations that accurately communicate source documents into your target language. ILS helps brands convey key features, benefits, and technical information to increase brand value and credibility in the international marketplace.

We offer professional translation solutions in over 180 languages through a skilled resource pool of native translators in a wide range of industries. ILS pairs you with translation professionals who are knowledgeable about your industry-specific terminology, file formats, and technical language. We’re able to seamlessly manage multilingual technical translations while translating your business documents into as many languages as you need. We guarantee a great experience, fast turnaround time, and on-time delivery for businesses of all sizes.


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Our Professional Translation Solutions

High-Quality Translations

As a known translation agency, we provide professional translators for a diverse range of industries and technical translation project types. Customers enjoy reliable language services and consistent delivery for every document. We provide companies with native-speaking translators in their target language, dedicated project managers, and in-house quality control for unmatched accuracy of the source material.

  • Native-speaking translators
  • Designated project managers
  • Competitive pricing
  • On-time performance
  • Outstanding communication & service


During the translation process, we offer localization specialists to translate technical documents for your target demographic. Our localization solutions ensure that your customers receive accurate idiomatic expressions, metaphors, cultural references, units of measurement, and other specifications that may differ from one region to the next. Keep your document translations focused with the help of our localization services.

  • Fine-tuned translations to fit your target market
  • User-friendly localization
  • Ongoing quality control
  • Software revisions to meet country-specific standards


We go the extra mile to ensure that our language services translate your technical documents into the correct format. From advertising and branding materials to user manuals, website translation, and other documents, we preserve the look of your content to expedite company initiatives. Our professional translators are experienced in formatting multilingual documents of any size and complexity, along with using popular applications such as InDesign, Quark, and FrameMaker, as well as tagged formats like HTML, SGML, XML, and ASP.

  • Adapt different languages, character sets, or directional flow of text for target design
  • Fit copy to match the length of the original document
  • Graphic text extraction, translation, and re-insertion for accurate results
  • Software interface formatting to match your source document length
  • Publication-ready results to save you time and money

Editing & Proofreading

Document translation accuracy is essential to maintain global branding, the flow of communication, and the proper use of products to promote the safety and satisfaction of your customers. We assign a subject-matter expert and proofreading professional translator to your projects to ensure unmatched precision. Your dedicated editing and proofreading partner ensures that your message is consistent, correctly formatted, accurate, and ready for the end-user. Our in-house quality control offers a final layer of protection for reliable and high-quality results

  • Dedicated editing and proofing professional
  • Cultural and language clarity for the intended audience
  • Format editing to match your source documents
  • Translation reviews from other sources

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Professional Translators For Your Language

We provide language services in over 180 languages to satisfied clients around the world. Over the years, we’ve built an impressive network of native-speaking translators for the most popular languages to distinct dialects. The modern global business environment means that your company has the opportunity to find profitable markets anywhere on the globe. We help customers like you expand your reach and serve new clients with reliable translation solutions. Explore our entire catalog of languages today and see how we can extend your marketing needs, online content, technical materials, user manuals, and other complex documentation for an international audience.

Professional Language Services For a Your Industry

Our translation professionals aren’t just experts in their native language, but also subject matter experts in their assigned industry. Whether you’re a technology business, medical device manufacturer, finance operation, an engineering firm, legal practice, and beyond, we pair your team with a designated translation expert with experience in your unique industry. We build a client-specific living database of industry-relevant terms, file formats, and technical language to expedite future projects and streamline on-demand needs. Below are some of our most popular industries to date. Click the link to explore the complete breakdown of our industry specializations.

  • Information Technology
  • Computer Technology
  • Law
  • Information Technology
  • Mining & Petroleum
  • Medical & Pharmaceuticals
  • Engineering
  • Industry Control Systems

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