Multilingual Translations

In today’s international marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly common to take a product or service into multiple global markets, often at or near the same time. That increases the need for effective, accurate document translation into the language of a given country or region, making multilingual translations imperative.

When you’re looking for document translation—particularly when you’re entering multiple new markets—you want a vendor that can provide seamless, cost-effective translations into the languages and dialects you need.

ILS can manage multilingual translations as a single project, simultaneously translating your business documents into as many languages as you need. That means that a worldwide product launch or marketing campaign translation project can be completed faster than you think.

As we work with your team on multilingual translations, we create a translation memory database specific to your business, making future translations easier and more cost-effective.

All translations go through a stringent quality assurance process that includes both an initial translation by a native-speaking translator and a second review of the document by another translator. This provides a double layer of assurance that your multilingual translations are accurate and relay the message you intended to a new market.

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