Latin & South American Language Translation

South America is considered an emerging manufacturing sector—with Brazil ranking as the third-largest manufacturing sector in the United States. Many industries have made a home in Latin or South America, including automobiles, steel, information technology (IT), and consumer durables, among others. As more and more businesses expand into the region, there’s an increased demand for South American language translation.

Spanish and Portuguese are the business languages of South America. In fact, Portuguese is the majority language in South America, outranking Spanish by a small margin. Small segments in other Latin and South American countries also speak Dutch, English, and French.

Regardless of which language you need your documents translated into, ILS offers the expertise you need in Latin and South American language translation. Beyond basic translation, we can localize your translations for specific countries, such as Mexico or Brazil, or produce translations that will be correctly understood throughout Latin America. Rely on ILS to provide complete Latin and South American language translation and localization services to match your markets.

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