We offer reliable, consistent, and affordable Hindi translation services. Our experienced team produces accurate, localized Hindi translations for technical documents in any specialized industry or subject matter.

You need a translation company you can trust. ILS can help your business expand into the global marketplace with our trusted Hindi translation services. Whether you require an English to Hindi translation or Hindi to English translation, you can count on the professional linguists at ILS to deliver the results you need. Our company specializes in translating documents in applied industries, such as healthcare, software, financial, legal, and more.

Businesses of every size collaborate with Indian enterprises, meaning specialized documents with industry-specific terminology, nuanced Hindi figures of speech, and regional Indian specifications are a necessity. Contact ILS today to get started with your Hindi translation.


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User Manuals & Guides Translation

Whether it’s English to Hindi translation or Hindi to English translation for your user manual or guide, count on ILS for a job well done. We utilize native Hindi speakers to ensure that your essential documents are accurate and readable. Error-free user manuals are crucial for operational safety in India, the United States, and everywhere.

Our linguists will impress your clients with a professional Hindi translation complete with industry-specific terminology, accurate grammar, and distinct regionalisms. We offer Hindi translation services for:

  • User Manuals
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Installation Guides
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Training Manuals

Safety Document Translation

Accurately translated safety documents are essential in keeping patients, operators, and customers safe. We offer certified Hindi language translation for safety data warnings, IFUs, handling and usage, and all other safety legal documents.

  • Safety Documentation
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • Instructions for Use (IFUs)

Contracts & Patent Translation

As a business professional, you know how critical contracts and patents are. When you work with Indian businesses, there is an urgent need for reliable English to Hindi translation services for contracts and patents. As you aim to expand your business into the global market, depend on the Hindi language professionals at ILS.

Your documents will be assigned to native speakers who not only are fluent in English and Hindi but who also have expertise in your specific industry. Whether you need translation services for contracts, proposals, legal agreements, or patent materials, our professional linguists will produce a first-rate product for you. Foster strong business relationships in India with our contract and patent translation services.

  • Contracts & Patent Documents
  • Engineering Bid Specifications

Marketing & Advertising Translation

When you need marketing solutions to take your business to the next level, pursue Hindi translations from ILS for your advertising materials. Since Hindi is the most spoken language in India, your business can reach millions of people with a professional Hindi translation. Our native speakers will translate all of your advertising materials and keep all cultural nuances intact.

It’s time for your business to stand out from other Indian enterprises by utilizing the translation solutions at ILS. Our expert Hindi translators will take your social media content, catalog ads, and product labels to the next level.

  • Packaging & Product Labeling
  • Marketing & Advertising Materials
  • Product Data Sheets & Catalogs
  • Market Research Surveys & Responses

Medical Records Translation

When you require a certified translation for medical documents, including legal, educational, and insurance purposes, ILS can help. Our Hindi medical translators are experts in both the Hindi language and medical terminology. When you need certified translation services for medical documents, our linguists will produce a high-quality document with error-free medical language, acronyms, and required file formats. The ILS team will produce an accurate Hindi interpretation of your medical documents, consent forms, and insurance information. We provide certified medical translations that include:

  • Medical Consent Forms (Agreement)
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Regulator Documents
  • Patient Information Documents
  • Informed Consent Documents
  • Patient Information Brochures

Website Content

When you want to reach Indian clients quickly and effectively, you need proven website translation services. Finding translation companies who can master your specialized, industry-specific website content can be challenging. Thankfully, your search for a high-quality Hindi translation company ends here. The ILS linguists will fulfill your translation needs with reliable, readable, and nuanced Hindi translations for your business’s website.

All of our translators are experienced in technical industries and digital content including blogs, landing pages, testimonials, online ordering instructions, and all other website content. Due to Hindi’s immense presence in both India and around the world, our trusted translations ensure that millions of customers will be able to navigate your translated web pages.

  • Blogs
  • Testimonials & Transcribed Interviews
  • Landing Pages
  • Technical Whitepapers
  • Case Studies
  • eBooks

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Why Choose International Language Services, Inc.?

High-Quality Hindi Translation Services

We only use native-speaking Hindi translators to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results. All of our translations undergo ISO 9001:2015 certification for an additional layer of quality control and accuracy of information. Through third-party certification, we offer both peace of mind and trusted services for businesses that rely on technical Hindi translations.

Competitive Pricing

We can offer our Hindi translation services at a competitive market price by combining the latest translation technology and software and our expert, native language translators. ILS never lessens the quality of our translation services to make up for our affordable prices. We are committed to offering cost-effective translation services so that your business has the financial support it needs. Our certified translation team helps you secure premier Hindi translations while keeping your company’s financial life sound.


Only first-rate translation companies can transform any document into its cultural equivalent in a different language. This process is called localization, and all the translators at ILS use it for every project. Localization allows us to fine-tune all Hindi translations to ensure text length, cultural references, local idioms, and units of measurement are correct. Our high-quality localization practices allow you to reach customers across India.

Technical Hindi Translators

Finding reliable and skillful Hindi translation services for specialized industries can be difficult. We offer professional and timely Hindi translations for technical documents that you can rely on. Whether you work in healthcare, the financial field, or information technology, you can feel confident about your applied document when it’s in the hands of the ILS translators.

Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

In the business world, there’s no time to waste. Waiting around for a translation project to get completed when you’re on a time crunch is frustrating. At ILS, we work with you to meet your deadlines every time. We guarantee on-time delivery for all our translation services, Hindi or otherwise. When you need a quick turnaround on a translation, connect with our team, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Dedicated Project Management

From safety manuals to advertising content, every Hindi translation project comes with the support of a dedicated project manager. Our project managers supervise each translation project so that you receive the quality you deserve. Your project manager will lead the in-house team to ensure all documents are error-free and delivered on time. They also serve as a direct point of contact for any questions you have.

In-House Quality Control

We offer an additional layer of quality assurance with our in-housequality control team. Our QC department is experienced in the Hindi language, your source documents, and industry-specific terminology to ensure optimal accuracy.

Reliable Communication & Service

ILS strives to help you communicate with customers and business partners in other languages, and we also prioritize communication with our clients. Whether you’re working with us from the United States, India, or anywhere in between, we promise to deliver exceptional communication and customer service. With ILS, you never have to wonder about your delivery time, method of delivery, or payment process.

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Our Languages

We offer a diverse range of trusted translation services in languages and dialects around the world. Our native-speaking translation network expands to over 180 languages to assist companies in navigating their business needs for an international audience. From safety documentation and marketing materials to web copy, legal agreements, and beyond, our team can help. Browse through our extensive catalog of languages today and discover the ILS difference.

Hindi Translation Services for Your Specialized Industry

It isn’t enough to only work with a translator who knows the Hindi language when you need your certified and specialized documents translated. With documents as necessary as yours, you need a translation partner who knows the ins and outs of your high-tech enterprise.

When working with ILS, you can trust that all of the unique terminology, subject matter, and acronyms in your industry will be accurately translated into whatever language you need. Throughout our years as a translation company, we have built a living database of specific terminology that accommodates businesses in law, agriculture, mining, and more.

Your search for a translation company that specializes in applied industries stops now. ILS provides certified translations for specialized industries, including:

  • Agriculture

  • Automotive

  • Construction

  • Information Technology

  • Mining & Petroleum

  • Medical & Healthcare

  • Engineering

  • Industry Control Systems

  • And more…

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