We provide reliable Japanese document translation services for companies in healthcare, manufacturing, and a variety of other industries. Our team of professional Japanese translators works with product engineers, marketing specialists, and content managers to translate complex technical information for clients across the globe. As an ISO-certified organization with decades of industry experience, ILS has the necessary tools and resources needed to help your company expand globally and achieve its strategic goals.

ILS delivers certified Japanese translations that enable you to achieve your company’s goals and revenue targets. Working with us is simple. First, we will ask you to describe your translation needs and objectives. Then, we will match you with a technical translation specialist with expertise in your specific industry. Finally, our specialist will provide the industry-specific terminology that you need and deliver your translated material on time.


User Manuals & Guides Translation

User manuals often contain critical instructions that must be clearly and accurately translated to prevent errors and accidents. Our native Japanese translation specialists are extensively trained to translate a wide range of instructional materials from English to Japanese and Japanese to English. Our professional team has expertise in specific niches to provide accurate translation and timely delivery of the following:

  • Installation Guides
  • Technical & User Manuals
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Multimedia Presentations & Training Manuals

Safety Document Translation

Safety and compliance documents play a critical role in employee onboarding and equipment usage. Our Japanese translation team offers reliable translation of safety documents so your business can operate with confidence. Whether you require assistance for patients, customers, or employees, we are here to translate safety documentation for virtually every type of device and service you offer. You can count on us to provide superior Japanese translation solutions for the following:

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Instructions For Use (IFUs)
  • Other Types of Safety Documentation Upon Request

Agreement Translation

Our team provides reliable translation of your Japanese contracts, agreements, and other legal documents to help your business continue to expand globally. Our native-speaking Japanese translators understand the sensitive nature of legally binding contracts, and are armed with years of experience translating industry-specific patent materials and legal documents. Our agreement translations include the following:

  • Contracts & Patent Documents
  • Service Delivery Agreements
  • Engineering Bid Specifications
  • Purchasing Agreements

Marketing & Advertising Translation

Our Japanese translators know how critical marketing initiatives and advertisements are to a company’s success. Whether you need English marketing materials translated to Japanese or need a detailed catalog translated from Japanese to English, we are here to provide the top-quality translation services you deserve. You can depend on us to accurately convey your brand message and to provide region-specific translation of the following:

  • Marketing & Advertising Materials
  • Data Sheets & Catalogs
  • Product Specifications
  • Market Research Surveys and Responses

Medical Records Translation

Few industries require greater attention to detail than the medical industry. Whether you operate a healthcare organization or a medical equipment company, we provide Japanese translation services that are second to none. Our translators have extensive experience translating medical documents from English to Japanese and vice versa. Each translation project is approached with keen attention to medical terminology, compliance standards, and file format. Our goal is to ensure all patients, staff, and record specialists receive flawless Japanese translation of the following:

  •  Medical Consent Forms (Agreements)
  • Regulatory Documents
  • Informed Consent Documents
  • Patient Information Brochures
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Other Patient Information Documents

Website Content Translation

At ILS, our Japanese translators understand that your website is the online face of your company. As a full-service translation agency, we have the tools and resources to translate your entire website. From your landing pages, to your blogs, to customer testimonials, we can translate your website content from English to Japanese and Japanese to English. Examples of our on-time delivery services include translation of the following web content types:

  • Landing Page Copy
  • Blog Content
  • Case Studies
  • Technical White Papers
  • Testimonials and Transcribed Interviews
  • eBooks

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Why ILS Translation Services?

Certified Japanese Translations

We deliver certified Japanese translation services with unparalleled accuracy. Every technical document we translate is reviewed according to ISO 9001:2015 certification standards to ensure the highest level of quality control. Our ISO certification illustrates our commitment to quality Japanese translation services and you can count on us to adhere to the most stringent standards when translating your technical material.

Competitive Pricing

At ILS, we recognize that affordable pricing is just as important as quality results. Your Japanese translation project will typically be priced on a cost-per-word basis. To find out more about our competitive pricing, we invite you to send us a source document you need translated. This will enable us to consider your specific requirements and prepare a customized quote to meet your unique needs. We are happy to address any questions you may have regarding our fees and take every measure to provide the most affordable Japanese translation services.


Localization is a critical aspect of the Japanese language. We localize our English to Japanese translation services to ensure your translated material accurately reflects your audience, region, or demographics. Our detail-oriented translators will also make sure your translation projects include expressions, cultural references, and metaphors that are specific to your target demographic. Whether you need help translating medical information, marketing materials, or website copy, our Japanese localization efforts help guarantee the highest level of accuracy.

Technical Japanese Translators

We’ll pair you with one of our experienced native-speaking Japanese translators who is dedicated to meeting your specific needs and deadlines. Our translation professionals have deep-domain expertise with your unique industry, terminology, and file formats to ensure accurate results. Additionally, your project manager will work with you to guarantee timely delivery of your project without ever sacrificing technical accuracy.

Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

We understand the important role that speed and accuracy play in achieving your business goals. Our Japanese translation experts are trained to provide fast, reliable service you can trust. Whether you are preparing materials for an upcoming product launch, or you are under pressure to translate safety documents for an upcoming audit, we can pair you with a native-speaking Japanese translator who will help you stay on schedule.

Dedicated Project Management

When you work with one of our dedicated project managers, you can count on three things: accurate Japanese translation, professional service, and on-time delivery. You can also rest easy knowing you will be paired with a project manager who has expertise in your specific industry. Our hands-on approach to Japanese document translation is customized to meet your requirements and make sure you receive your accurate results on time.

In-House Quality Control

Before any project is delivered to a client, it must pass our rigorous in-house quality control process. Our quality control team is trained to carefully review every document, web page, manual, and contract to ensure your Japanese translation is accurate. If our quality control specialists detect any inconsistencies or potential errors, your project will undergo additional review and modification.

Superior Communication & Service

We strive to provide outstanding service to each and every client. By providing timely delivery, superb accuracy, and accessible service, our goal is to become your trusted resource for all your Japanese translation needs. From your very first interaction with our team to the moment your Japanese translation project reaches your inbox, you can count on us to provide you with updates and transparency regarding your project.

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Our Languages

At ILS, our translation services extend far beyond English to Japanese and Japanese to English services. We provide an extensive range of translation solutions that encompasses over 180 different languages. Our native-speaking translators are here to deliver ISO 9001 certified translations to help your company establish itself as an industry leader within the international market.

Japanese Translation Services For Your Industry

For professional documents, it isn’t enough to only work with someone who knows the Russian language. You also need a translator who also understands your technical industry in great detail.

At ILS, our industry expertise is just as comprehensive as our language capabilities. We help companies in a variety of industries deliver complex technical document translation with ease. Our team of native-speaking Japanese translators has a proven track record of success providing current and relevant translations for nearly all types of technical documents. Here is a look at some the various industries ILS serves:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Construction

  • Engineering
  • Industry Control Systems
  • Industry Control Systems
  • Information Technology
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Mining & Petroleum
  • And many more…

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