African Language Translations

In the past few decades, industry in Africa has blossomed. Many new and growing industries have gained a foothold there, including mining, infrastructure, telecommunications, international trade, and agriculture, to name a few. As more companies take their products and services into regions of Africa, African language translations take on increasing importance.

Although languages in Africa are numerous, with over 1,500 languages spoken there, a few are recognized as the primary languages of commerce. While Swahili is by far the most spoken language in Africa, with more than 100 million speakers, it is far from the only language. From Afrikaans and Swahili to Arabic and Somali, along with other major languages, ILS can handle your African language translations.

Along with languages unique to Africa, other languages, including Portuguese and French, are commonly spoken in the country. In fact, Portuguese is the official language of six African states, while 26 states speak French as part of Francophone Africa. Businesses expanding into these regions may require translation into these languages along with African language translations.

Regardless of your language needs, ILS offers the expertise and experience needed to provide your business with exceptional, high-quality African language translations.

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