Accurate translation is vital when it comes to scientific research documents, lab reports, and studies in healthcare and pharmacology fields. We partner you with native-speaking translators with experience in a wide range of scientific research translation for your specific industry, ensuring accurate results the first time around.

We specialize in research-specific translation solutions to expand opportunities for scientific research institutes and clinical trial organizations. Through expert translators and dedicated project managers, we’re able to provide fast turnaround and precise translations.

Our translation services for scientific research are available in more than 180 languages and are available quickly for research projects in disciplines, including:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Pharmacology
  • Geology

Laboratory Reports

We work with scientific-research organizations to help translate laboratory reports and technical documents. Our native translators maintain the integrity and structure of your laboratory reporting information to ensure accurate communication of the source material.

Research Documents

Scientific research is carefully conducted, so translations need to be equally accurate and reliable. ILS partners you with expert native speakers who are also familiar with research writing, documents, and file formats. Quality controls and skilled project managers guarantee ILS translations will be both accurate and delivered on time.

Academic Articles

Academic articles and presentations require precise translations. English is often the chosen language for academic writing but translating research and academic writing into languages such as Chinese, German, or Spanish is becoming more common. ILS can handle all sizes of research project translations, providing accurate and timely results you can trust.

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Why Choose International Language Services, Inc.?

High-Quality Translations

We pair you with native translators and designated project managers to ensure high-quality translation results. We also house an in-house quality control team and 9001:2015 certification for added precision.

Competitive Pricing

Keeping research costs within your budget is important. That’s why ILS translations for academic writing, lab reports, and scientific research are as affordable as they are accurate. We combine innovative technology with talented translation experts for competitively priced solutions.


The seasoned translators of ILS ensure their work is localized to reach your audience. ILS translators adapt units of measurement, cultural references, idiomatic expressions, and metaphors to the intended audience for your research or academic work.

Technical Translators

ILS only uses native translation experts who are also skilled in your area of research or academic study. Their expertise ensures that the translations of your scientific research or academic writing are technically and linguistically correct.

Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

On-time delivery is an essential part of the ILS business model. We know that research-driven projects run on strict deadlines, and we go above and beyond to ensure speedy turnaround. Our project managers coordinate with your designated translation professional so that you can receive your results fast.

In-House Quality Control

International Language Services provides researchers and scientists with in-house quality control for their technical document translation needs. The ILS professional quality control team proofreads, edits, and ensures correct file formatting for your translation projects to ensure dependability and accuracy.

Superior Communication and Service

Personal service, superior customer service, and consummate professionalism are the foundations of ILS. We work hard to deliver high-quality results on your timeline with our reliable translation services for scientific research.

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Our Languages

ILS serves scientific researchers in more than 180 languages, pairing them with native translators who are experts in file formats and technical terminology.

Through ILS, your research, clinical trial documentation, lab reports, and academic writing can be translated into the languages of your choice. We commonly serve researchers with translations in:

  • German
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Italian
  • And More

Translation Solutions for Your Industry

We serve a wide range of industries that rely on scientific research. ILS specializes in technical translation solutions through native-speaking experts, hands-on project managers, and in-house QC teams dedicated to your needs.
We also build company-specific living databases of frequently used technical terms, file formats, and phrases to make each subsequent translation faster and more accurate. We commonly serve technical industries such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Agrochemical
  • Industrial Chemical
  • And More…

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