We provide realtors and realty companies with dependable real estate translation services in over 180 languages. ILS matches you with native-speaking translators who are well-versed in your file formats, technical language, and legal documentation to ensure accurate results.


Contract Translations

We help real estate professionals translate contracts and other legal documentation through reliable translation experts. We’ll pair you with a native translator who has the experience and knowledge of contracts so that you can focus on core competencies. We help realtors expand buyer pools and extend reach with expert contract translations.

Translations for Marketing Materials and Brochures

Our real estate translation solutions include localization, allowing us to help your brand navigate a wide range of marketing and brochure translations. Marketing plays a vital role throughout every stage of the real estate process. Our expert translators can help ensure that your marketing materials reach their intended audience. We can help with:

  • Sell Sheets
  • Packaging & Product Labeling
  • Marketing & Advertising Materials
  • Product Data Sheets & Catalogs
  • Market Research Surveys and Responses

Website Translation

We also offer website solutions within our real estate translation services to your online reach. The digital frontier offers immense opportunity for the realtors looking to reach potential buyers and build relationships. We’ll pair you with a native-speaking translation expert who has experience translating websites to help your brand target its intended audience. Our translators can assist you with:

  • Landing Page Copy
  • Blogs
  • Testimonials and Transcribed Interviews

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Why Choose International Language Services, Inc.?

High-Quality Translations

We always strive to provide high-quality results for all of our real estate translation services. From our talented native translators and detail-oriented project managers to our in-house QC team, we’re able to ensure accurate results and speedy deliverables. We also utilize 9001:2015 certification for added quality control.

Competitive Pricing

We combine leading technology with talented real estate translators in order to provide competitive pricing for your translation project.


At ILS, we specialize in localizing your real estate documents for your intended audience. Professional localization ensures the correct translation of cultural references, figurative language, metaphors, and idiomatic expressions to reach your target market.

Technical Translators

Our translators are all native language speakers who are knowledgeable about your industry-specific terms, language, and file formats to ensure accuracy. We only use experienced professional translators so that you can have the peace of mind you deserve.

Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

At ILS, we take pride in the delivery time of our materials to our clients. Project managers coordinate with your translators and quality control team to ensure that every part of the process stays on track.

In-House Quality Control

We provide realtors and real estate organizations with in-house quality control for their technical document translation needs. Our professional QC team proofs, edits, and ensures correct file formatting for your translation projects to ensure quality and accuracy.

Superior Communication and Service

We are committed to providing realtors with the best possible real estate translation services through fast communication, competitive prices, guaranteed delivery time, and precise translations.

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Our Languages

Our real estate translation services are offered in over 180 languages, combining native language speakers’ linguistic skills with solid technical and legal knowledge. We are able to work with real estate companies and realtors of all sizes to provide high-quality translations in their target languages.

Some examples of the more prevalent languages we offer are:

  • German
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Italian
  • And More

Translation Solutions for Your Industry

We specialize in a wide range of technical industries. We always match your company with experienced translators who are familiar with your file formats, language, and industry-specific terms.
We also build company-specific living databases of frequently used technical terms, file formats, and phrases to speed up future projects.

Some of the industries we feature are:

  • Automotive
  • Food Processing
  • Agrochemical
  • Industrial Chemical

  • Mining & Petroleum
  • Medical & Healthcare Manufacturing
  • Industry Control Systems
  • And More…

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