Accurate Translations for Patient Monitoring Device Manufacturers

Not too long ago, patient monitoring in hospitals and other healthcare facilities consisted of nurses or physicians using thermometers, stethoscopes, palpation, and their own senses to monitor the condition of patients. All of that has changed dramatically, as a visit to any hospital instantly demonstrates. Today, patients are constantly monitored using a wide array of computerized equipment that often communicates wirelessly with consoles at nursing stations. Automated notification and alarms alert staff to dangerous changes. Patient monitoring has improved dramatically, and health care is much improved because of these devices. As a widely recognized leader in providing medical device translation services, International Language Services has supported manufacturers of patient monitoring and other medical devices as this technology has expanded into virtually every global market.

From Instructions for Use documentation to the software display interfaces for this equipment, accurate translations into the languages of your global markets are essential. The extensive ILS pool of native-speaking medical device translators in 180 languages offers expertise in translating medical technology content. Managed by our seasoned project managers and supported by production experts in formatting translations for use in brochures, manuals, and equipment displays, our high-quality translations allow manufacturers to economically and effectively market patient monitoring devices throughout the world. Through our CE mark experience for European community markets and our continuously updated ISO 9001:2015-certified quality control processes, ILS assures medical device manufacturers of top-quality translations, delivered on time and at highly competitive pricing.

Certified Translations in 180 Languages for Patient Monitoring Devices

  • Patient-Operated Monitoring Devices—Today, patients often do their own monitoring of a wide range of health parameters, using affordable, simple devices. Pulse oximeters, blood pressure measurement devices, blood glucose monitors, and other devices are valuable tools for healthcare monitoring. Other monitoring equipment, like Holter monitors, is used by patients at home to record various parameters, allowing remote or online review by healthcare professionals. Translations of Instructions for Use (IFUs) must take user literacy and cultural issues into account and be consistent across all languages you require.
  • Hospital and Clinical Patient Monitoring Devices—In emergency rooms, ICU units, and hospital wards, a wide range of multifunction, computerized monitoring devices is in constant use. Depending on the needs of the patient, these may include cardiac, respiratory, temperature, and hemodynamic monitoring on a single device, with a display showing current parameters and historical measurements. These devices also include user-settable alarms to alert staff if changes in parameters require attention. In most cases, these monitoring devices also communicate wirelessly or through network cabling with nursing stations and other monitoring centers, allowing a single person to monitor several patients. Translating the extensive documentation for these devices, along with the accompanying software interfaces and displays, into local languages for global markets is essential. ILS is uniquely qualified for these translation projects and can deliver completely formatted, accurate translations for display in any standard file format. Our multi-language translation project management capabilities allow you to rapidly prepare for marketing in multiple geographic regions.

Translation for Patient Monitoring Devices

Whether you need translations for patient monitoring equipment for a single non-English speaking market or for multiple markets, International Language Services can provide complete translation services to address all of your needs. Translating everything from IFUs and training materials to translations for software interfaces and displays, our industry-experienced medical translators, all native speakers of the target language they provide, work within the parameters of our proven, ISO 9001:2015-certified quality control process.

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