Translation for Orthopedic Devices

In the past, problems with joints and other orthopedic conditions meant that patients simply had to deal with symptoms.  The toll of aging on human joints, along with bone fractures and other traumatic injuries, often led to permanent disabilities. Crutches, braces, canes, and immobility were once the only options for coping. Advancements in orthopedic devices have changed that.

Today, technology has led to our ability to replace worn or damaged joints with engineered joint replacement prosthetic devices. Implanted through surgery, these replacement joints have provided a return to full mobility for millions of patients. In addition, devices and specialized products have also enabled orthopedic surgeons to successfully repair or immobilize spinal and other skeletal injuries. As these orthopedic devices and technology are marketed throughout the world, International Language Services assists manufacturers by providing translations of the essential documents associate with these products.

Translations are needed for Instructions for Use (IFUs), training materials for surgeons, patient information brochures, regulatory and clinical documents, marketing materials, websites, and more. For each market, accurate translations provide the required information, protect the manufacturer from liabilities, and assist in securing regulatory approvals.

The native-speaking translators at ILS, with expertise in medical technology, work with our experienced project managers and support staff to provide high-quality translations for all of your documents. Using the latest translation management tools and translation memory technology, they work as a team to produce accurate, fully formatted materials, ready for your immediate use. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification assures maximum quality, while our efficient processes keeps our services cost-effective, with your projects completed on schedule.

Ready-to-Publish Translations for Manufacturers of Orthopedic Devices

  • Joint Replacement Devices—While hip and knee replacement devices are the most well known, today’s technology has also produced joint replacement devices for the shoulder, ankle, wrist, elbow, and other joints. Manufactured from various metals, ceramics, and plastics, they are implanted using meticulous surgical techniques and are designed to provide full mobility of the joint. New device technology and expanding markets for these joint replacement devices require translation services for expanding global markets. For product specification sheets, marketing, training materials, and patient information, accurate translations and culturally appropriate language use are a must. Native translators with industry-specific experience like those at ILS are the best assurance of effective, correct translations.
  • Fracture Fixation Devices—For traumatic injuries to bone and skeletal injuries, manufacturers of orthopedic devices have developed a wide variety of specialized pins, rods, screws, plates, and other materials that allow orthopedic surgeons to immobilize fractures to allow for healing through bone growth. Translations of the documentation and IFUs for these devices are generally not lengthy, but accuracy is crucial. Marketing materials and other information also require translations into the language of every market in which they are sold.
  • External Orthopedic Devices—A wide variety of medical devices are used in orthopedic medicine. These range from simple braces for knees and other joints and devices used in physical therapy to complex external fixation devices used to immobilize fractures to promote healing. As with all health-related solutions, marketing these devices in non-English speaking regions requires documentation to be translated. From documentation written for patients with varying degrees of literacy to marketing materials and IFUs for healthcare professionals, each translation demands impeccable accuracy and must convey your original message and tone.

Trusted Translations for Orthopedic Devices

Since 1982, manufacturers of medical devices, including orthopedic implants and devices, have trusted ILS with their translation needs. Whether they are startups or recognized global leaders, they appreciate our native-speaking specialized translators, our expert project managers, and our skilled formatting team. ILS provides the timely, accurate, and cost-effective results they demand. Our CE mark experience and ISO 9001:2015-certified quality processes assure every client of top-quality translations for each project.

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