We’ve provided technical translation solutions for healthcare organizations for over four decades. We pair your healthcare entity with expert native translators who are knowledgeable about your unique file formats and technical terminologies for high-quality results. It’s no secret that translations in the healthcare industry require incredible precision. Our team ensures that your healthcare documents receive accurate translations and speedy delivery.

We offer technical translation services for healthcare in over 180 languages. From common languages to unique dialects, ILS can translate your technical documents and healthcare materials fast.


Clinical Trial Translations

We’ve helped countless healthcare entities and organizations translate crucial documents for clinical trials to ensure accessible participation by diverse patients. Our native translators with industry-specific experience ensure that your clinical trial documentation is accurately translated for your target audience.

  • Patient Recruitment and Retention Materials
  • Patient Instructions and Information
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Patient Questionnaires, Surveys, And Interactive Media
  • Package Labeling

Research Administration

Healthcare research requires a significant amount of technical documentation to remain compliant, transparent, and successful. We help healthcare organizations and providers translate their research administration materials for their intended demographic through experienced native-speaking translators. Our team can help you translate:

  • Protocol Documentation and Investigative Brochures
  • Summaries of Product Characteristics
  • Clinician Education Materials
  • Case Report Forms
  • Adverse and Severe Events Reporting Docs
  • Study Documentation and Reports

Clinical Documentation

From small healthcare providers to leading facilities, we help translate essential documents in over 180 languages. We connect you with technical translation professionals who are knowledgeable about your file formats, industry-specific terminology, and technical language to ensure accuracy. ILS can help your healthcare team translate:

  • Medical Consent Forms
  • Informational Brochures and Materials

Marketing Translation

We can help translate a wide range of marketing and advertising materials to help healthcare organizations extend their reach and succeed in new markets. We match you with industry-experienced technical translators to ensure accurate results for your campaigns, sales enablement efforts, and even website needs.

  • Sell Sheets
  • Marketing & Advertising Materials
  • Product Data Sheets & Catalogs
  • Market Research Surveys and Responses
  • Websites

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Why Choose International Language Services, Inc.?

High-Quality Translations

We help healthcare organizations navigate the complicated landscape of technical translations. From clinical trials and research to essential informational documents and marketing materials, we connect you with experienced native translators for your industry. We also utilize 9001:2015 certification for added quality control.

Competitive Pricing

ILS offers high-quality technical translations for healthcare organizations at a competitive price point. By combining native translation experts with innovative technologies, we’re able to provide our solutions at an affordable rate in over 180 languages.

Localization Services

We provide localization for our healthcare translations to ensure that your technical documents and materials are accessible for your target demographic. From units of measurement and idiomatic expressions to metaphors and cultural references, our native language experts will make certain that your materials accurately communicate the contents of the source documents.

Technical Translators

We always match your business with expert translators who are proficient in technical translations for your industry. Your translation professional will be knowledgeable about your file formats, technical terms, and industry-specific language for accurate results.

Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

We know how important timely delivery is for your healthcare document translation projects. That’s why we make guaranteed on-time delivery a key element of our business model. Your designated project manager coordinates with your translation professional for speedy delivery every time.

In-House Quality Control

We provide healthcare organizations and entities with in-house quality control for their technical document translation needs. Our professional QC team proofs, edits, and ensures correct file formatting for your translation projects to ensure quality and accuracy.

Communication & Service

We take pride in providing high-quality technical translation solutions for healthcare companies. Through reliable solutions, fast turnaround, and trustworthy service, ILS is here to help your healthcare company achieve its goals while expanding patient and employee accessibility.

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Our Languages

We offer technical translation support in over 180 languages from around the globe. We work with medical companies and entities to provide accurate and timely solutions that accurately and effectively communicate their source documents for the right demographic. We always pair businesses with knowledgeable technical translators who are familiar with their documents and file formats for high-quality results. Throughout the healthcare industry, we commonly offer:

  • Spanish

  • German

  • Japanese

  • Brazilian Portuguese

  • French

  • Italian

  • And More

Translation Solutions For Your Industry

We work with a wide variety of highly technical industries ranging from healthcare and medical device manufacturing to chemicals, food processing, and beyond. We’ve built a vast network of native translators with industry-specific translation experience to ensure that your business receives high-quality results.

We also build company-specific living databases of frequently used file formats and technical terminology to expedite translation projects in the future. Aside from healthcare and medical translations, we also provide solutions for:

  • Automotive

  • Food Processing

  • Agrochemical

  • Industrial Chemical

  • Mining & Petroleum

  • Medical & Healthcare Manufacturing

  • Industry Control Systems

  • And more…

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