Efficient Translations of Documentation for Disposable Medical Devices

Healthcare service providers use an extensive variety of disposable medical devices, instruments, and other products on a daily basis. Manufacturers of these devices are actively promoting their products globally. As with other medical devices, equipment, tests, and related products, global marketing demands high-quality translations of all documentation into the language of every target market. For disposable medical devices and equipment, that documentation is often minimal and may be limited to packaging or labeling. However, when disposable medical devices will be used directly by patients, additional documentation in the form of Instructions for Use is often included as a package insert. International Language Services, with over 35 years of medical device translation experience in 180 languages, is uniquely equipped to provide accurate, cost-effective translation services for all disposable medical devices, formatted to meet your needs.

Cost-effective Translation Services for Disposable Medical Devices in 180 Languages

Serving the needs of manufacturers marketing their disposable medical products globally is consistent with our focus on providing technical translations for medical device manufacturers. Even when the amount of documentation required is minimal, accuracy and efficiency are still essential. Whether products are marketed in EU countries, where CE mark requirements must be met, or in other regions with their own regulatory requirements, translations from ILS are your best assurance of quality and consistency. Our native-speaking specialized translators, dedicated project managers, and detail-oriented production team follow our ISO 9001:2015-certified quality control processes meticulously, ensuring accuracy and efficiency for documents such as:

  • Formatted Package Labeling—For many disposable medical devices and products, all documentation appears on the unit packaging. Concise, accurate, and properly formatted package information may include Instructions For Use, content lists, safety information, and instructions for proper disposal. In many languages, different alphabets, graphical characters, and unique directional flow of language require specialized formatting of the translated text. At ILS, our production team can use your source files to deliver completely formatted, accurate, and print-ready translations to meet your exact package requirements.
  • Point of Use Informational Inserts—Where Instructions for Use and other documentation requires package inserts, ILS will accurately translate your materials and use your source files to return properly formatted content, fully quality-checked and ready for publication. Our native-speaking, professional translators will match your original tone while accurately retaining your message. Thus, your translation will be consistent across all of the languages you need, with patient literacy levels and cultural sensitivity taken into account. This helps ensure patient compliance and acceptance of the product in all of your global markets.
  • Regulatory and Legal Documentation—At ILS, our translation teams are very familiar with the surrounding regulatory and legal documents associated with meeting medical device clinical and export requirements. Your files will be accurately translated so that your message is properly communicated.
  • Marketing and Advertising Materials—As native speakers of the languages in your target market, our specialized medical device translators are experts at translating marketing materials in a culturally sensitive manner. Incorporating local idiomatic language and avoiding negative associations is an important part of their job. Our project managers will communicate with you regarding any issues that are noted with respect to cultural issues connected to your marketing materials.
  • Multi-Language Translation Project Capabilities—Introducing new or existing products and product lines into multiple markets simultaneously is not a problem with International Language Services as your translation partner. We can translate and format your documentation into multiple languages within a single project, completing your project efficiently and keeping your costs to a minimum. This is true for any product marketing materials or packaging and labeling you may need.

Quality Translations for Disposable Medical Devices

Even though disposable medical devices, test kits, and other products are designed for one-time use, the need for accurate, culturally sensitive translations in the language of your target market remains essential. And you need translations that accurately reflect both your message as well as the quality of your products. By trusting your translations to ILS and our native-speaking translators with specific medical industry experience, you are assured quality, timeliness, and trouble-free translation projects to meet your regulatory and distribution requirements.

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