Professional Translation Services for Medical Diagnostic Equipment Manufacturers

The days when physicians employed only a handful of devices for diagnosing illness are long gone. While the fever thermometer, stethoscope, otoscope, and other simple diagnostic devices are still in wide use, technology now offers healthcare professionals diagnostic equipment completely unforeseen just a few decades ago. As with all technological equipment, these diagnostic devices require extensive documentation to ensure proper use. Manufacturers of many such devices are rapidly expanding their sales activities into global markets. For 35+ years, International Language Services has been providing high-quality translation services for documents of all types associated with medical equipment, including diagnostic devices.

With translations provided by professional translators—each a native speaker in one of the 180 languages we support and who also has industry-specific credentials related to medical technology and life sciences content—accurate, audience-appropriate translations are assured. Our project managers and document formatting teams work with our translators to streamline every translation project and to achieve maximum cost effectiveness and quality control. Utilizing our documented ISO 9001:2015-certified quality control process and our state-of-the-art translation memory technology and project management tools, we provide timely, high-quality translations to meet the demanding schedules of our clients, whether they are globally recognized entities or just getting started.

For Global Marketing, Quality Translation Services Are a Must

Accurate, complete translations of documentation for medical diagnostic equipment being marketed in any country are essential. In the European community alone, CE mark requirements demand full documentation in the principal language of any country in which a medical device is sold. Accuracy and cultural sensitivity in documentation is needed everywhere if products are to be accepted by customers and regulatory agencies and used properly by medical professionals. Only a translation services company with expertise in medical device translation can guarantee that your needs will be met. At International Languages Services, you can count on our medical device experience and specialized translation teams to deliver translations that fulfill your every requirement. We assure our corporate customers of success through:

  • Expert, specialized, native-speaking translators in over 180 languages
  • Dedicated project managers to oversee our proven translation process
  • Complete formatting capabilities for all commonly used file formats
  • Seamless multi-language translation project capabilities
  • ISO 9001:2015 quality certification
  • Experience with CE mark-related documentation
  • On-schedule delivery and competitive pricing

Full-Service Translations for All Medical Diagnostic Equipment

  • Diagnostic Equipment for Home Use—Glucose meters, home pregnancy tests, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, and more
  • In Vitro Diagnostic Devices—Blood chemistry analysis systems, computerized laboratory diagnostic equipment, and other devices
  • Cardiac Diagnostic Devices—Electrocardiographs, echocardiogram equipment, cardiac stress testing equipment, and other cardiac diagnostic technologies
  • Medical Imaging Devices—Traditional X-ray, computed tomography, MRI, and nuclear imaging technology devices
  • Neurological Diagnostic Devices—EEG equipment, nerve conduction devices, echoencephalography diagnostic technology, and more
  • Other Medical Diagnostic Devices—All diagnostic equipment documentation and interfaces

Exceptional Diagnostic Equipment Translation

Preparing to sell medical diagnostic equipment in global markets requires translation of a wide variety of documentation, from IFUs, regulatory documents, and product labeling to marketing materials, websites, and more. Only the most stringent translation standards for these materials are acceptable. ILS’ 35+ years of medical device translation experience, our superbly qualified expert translators, and our time-tested translation management and quality control systems assure you of uncompromising quality.

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