Language Translation Services for a Variety of Industries

Our translators are not just translation experts in their native languages, they’re subject matter experts in their assigned technologies and industries.

Every industry and business has unique needs when it comes to language translation services. Each uses specialized words and technical terms that are unique to their field and specialty. That means that translators for your projects must not only be fluent, native speakers and technical translation experts in your target language, but also subject matter experts in your specific field.

Mere knowledge of your target language is not enough. For translated materials to be easily and clearly understood, it’s important that they use accurate, technically correct, localized language that leaves no room for ambiguity or misunderstanding. That’s why we work with our clients to build a database of previously established technical terms and phrases specific to your projects. Leveraging your previously approved industry terminology eliminates confusion and conflicts over questionable translations of complex subject matter, saving you critical time and money in completing your technical translation.

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Industry Specialties

ILS specializes in language translation services for the medical device and general manufacturing industries, as well as specific business sectors, including:

  • Life Sciences
  • Finance
  • Electronics
  • Agriculture
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Medicine & Pharmaceuticals
  • Law
  • Chemical Industry
  • Computer Technology
  • Market Research
  • Engineering

From a white paper or proposal to a full-fledged website or product catalog, we’ll deliver your completed translation in whatever format you specify, ready for immediate use.

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