If your company intends to present its products or services to foreign markets, professional technical translation services are of vital importance.

In an effort to cut costs and save time, you may be tempted to go with the lowest cost—either by using translation software or hiring translators without subject matter expertise—but going this route can end up costing you more in the long run.

To ensure your technical translation is done right the first time around, choose a professional translation services company that understands your industry and only employs native speakers fluent in the language you need.

Here are three reasons why skimping on technical translation can end up costing you more in the end:

Inaccurate Technical Translation Documents Need Retranslating

Usually, poor technical translation must be redone by a professional translation company. This costs you money for retranslation and wastes time—time and money that could’ve been saved had you used the right resource in the first place.

Additionally, inaccurately translated documents can cost you in customer satisfaction, as mistranslated content can be misinterpreted by your target audience who may find your message to be confusing or insulting to their cultural sensitivities.

By partnering with a professional technical translation company early on, you benefit from access to years of experience from native-speaking translators who’ve worked extensively with companies like yours on similar projects and speak the same language of your intended target audience.

An Inaccurate Technical Translation Can Damage Your Brand and Create Liabilities

Companies that decide to manage their translation services internally can find it difficult to scale as their business expands. As your company grows and resources are stretched, managing translation services for technical documents gets low priority.

As a result, translation services may be relegated to non-native speaking, bilingual employees who lack sufficient subject matter expertise. In the end, deadlines are missed or translation jobs are rushed out, riddled with errors and inaccuracies.

The effects are later seen in the form of customer complaints, liabilities due to poorly translated technical documents, and damage to your company’s image and reputation.

A Project Manager Ensures Your Technical Translation Is Accurate and Free of Errors

Another important reason for hiring a professional translator for your technical translations is access to a dedicated project manager. Benefits include:

  • A project manager will manage the translation project for you from start to finish.
  • A project manager provides a single point of contact, seamlessly completing your multiple language projects on time.
  • A project manager will only handpick trusted native-speaking professional translators who have subject matter expertise in the particular field needing technical translation.
  • A project manager ensures the translated document passes through proven quality assurance systems, such as proofing and editing, to guarantee accuracy, consistency, and quality across all languages.

Understanding the difference between a professional translator and lower quality translation services, such as those provided by software tools, subject matter generalists, or non-native speakers, will make all the difference in getting the highest quality results for your intended translated message.

A company that provides professional translation services has skills and experience that goes beyond linguistic proficiency. It also adds value by providing project management and top quality assurance measures to guarantee the most effective and accurate technical translation.


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