When most people think of technical translations, they probably imagine highly complicated alphanumeric codes and algorithms that only a Ph.D. or rocket scientist could decipher. But many industries require technical translations for various scientific, medical, industrial, engineering, and manufacturing documents. 

Technical documents contain specific information about the chosen subject. They take many forms such as operator guides, instruction manuals, research journals, user interfaces, safety data sheets, and even decals and labeling. Whether or not a particular industry requires highly technical knowledge, the documentation applies to a particular subject matter or industry field. 

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What Industries Require Technical Translations

A host of industries require technical translations, and therefore must seek out a certified, professional translation services partner with experience completing such translation projects. Some of the industries requiring that we frequently serve here at ILS are: 

Medical Device Manufacturers 

Medical device manufacturers test, develop, and market products for a global market  and that requires many technical documents to be translated into the languages of various target audiences. These clients may require technical translations for user manuals, instructions for use (IFUs), consent forms, clinical documentation, contracts, patents, and product labeling, among many other needs. 

International Language Services has been providing accurate technical translations for medical device manufacturers since 1982. Our extensive pool of native-speaking translators is also subject matter experts in a wide variety of technical fields, guaranteeing a high level of accuracy. In addition, our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality control process provides the professional-level certification required for regulatory compliance. 

Manufacturing Industries 

Whatever your manufacturing industry, success in any market requires consistent accuracy and clarity. Your technical translations for a single language project or several multilingual markets depend on timely, dependable deliverables. ILS has long-term relationships with translators who are fluent in over 180 languages and possess training and education in many manufacturing fields. This enables us to complete your technical translations quickly and accurately. 

Whether your new manufacturing product requires the translation of engineering specifications, training manuals, installation guides, product safety data sheets, or marketing materials, our commitment to top-quality performance makes ILS your one-stop solution for technical translations

Various Engineering Industries 

Engineering is a broad category of industries that require technical translations. In fact, engineering encompasses many sub-disciplines, including environmental engineering, materials engineering, coastal engineering, surveying, urban planning, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, water resources engineering, and construction engineering. 

These disciplines are each specialized subject areas, in their own right, requiring in-depth knowledge in order to complete an accurate, usable translation. International Language Services has years of experience translating a wide variety of engineering documentation, and we use only the best native-speaking translators and technical tools to guarantee that your translation projects are completed accurately and delivered on time. 

Preparing for Technical Translations 

Whatever your industry, when you need technical translations for your important documents, follow these steps to begin the process. 

Procure a Budget 

Industrial projects require substantial time and resources to research, plan, and develop. During this process, remember to account for translation costs. Not incorporating costs for the necessary technical translations early in the planning process can open the door to issues with your overall budget as you move forward. 

Companies should consider how much will need to be budgeted for each project’s technical translations, as well as what department or budget category will be charged for it. Settling these details early in your development process is important to save you money in the long run and prevent unnecessary delays in your product launch. 

Prepare Your Documents 

Make sure your source documents are professionally written and edited in their original language, with short, clear sentences, and expressing only one thought per sentence. This helps translators readily understand your meaning and speeds along the translation process. 

Provide editable source files for all of your documents, and prepare a corporate glossary and style guide of technical terms. This should include definitions of key terms, especially company-specific technical terms, acronyms, and abbreviations. This helps our translation team translate your specific terminology to meet your exact preferences. 

Partner with an Experienced Technical Translations Provider 

Accurate and reliable technical translations require years of experience and keen knowledge of the specific industry, as well as native fluency in your target language. Professional technical translators ensure quality translations by having an in-depth understanding of subject matter, language, tone, nuances, and cultural sensitivity.

In short, technical translation is more than simply translating words. It is a multi-faceted, collaborative process that requires technical comprehension of the source material as well as impeccable linguistic credentials. 

International Language Services has years of experience with professional technical translations for companies of all types and sizes. Our quality control processes are ISO certified to guarantee your satisfaction. We employ only native-speaking translators who are also subject matter experts, so your industry-specific translations are accurate. Contact International Language Services to learn more about how we can help with your next technical translation project.