Project Description

Getting technical documents translated accurately into another language doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes time and planning. And extra care, guidance, and expertise is often needed to address the special translation needs and requirements of industrial manufacturers.

In our new guide, we delve in to how organizations can reduce the hassles of getting complex documents critical to product success translated accurately – and on time. In six chapters, you will learn:

  • What steps are involved in translating technical documents, where to start, and what questions to ask your translation provider
  • How to budget and plan for translation services as part of your product launch
  • Important regulatory and safety considerations that factor into the translation decision process
  • Common pitfalls to avoid that can significantly delay or negatively impact the quality of your translation documents.

If you want to learn more about best translation practices and save your organization time and money, this guide is a great place to start.

Free Download of The Manufacturers Guide to Technical Translation