Like many businesses, the majority of the content you publish is for public dissemination. But what about the documentation—internal or otherwise—that needs to be kept confidential? How can you ensure that sensitive material remains confidential while going through the document translation process?

By working with a professional, of course! When you work with a professional document translation company, you’re entrusting your confidential materials to them for safekeeping during and after the document translation process.

Not only should they keep them safe, but they should also be able to walk you through their process for protecting your company’s confidentiality.

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Many clients of International Language Services require a high level of confidentiality for their business’ privacy. They need to control either the timing, for information that is to be publicly released, or the distribution, for any sensitive corporate communications. Whether it’s technical, legal, or medical documentation—we are happy to oblige!

Read on for more information on how we keep your documents secure and confidential, during and after the translation process.

Why Privacy Matters for Your Document Translation

Working with a professional document translation service means that you’re expecting a high level of security for your files. At International Language Services, your company’s needs are our primary concern.

That means that we will take all steps necessary to protect your confidential documents. This includes measures to ensure that your documentation and messaging remains confidential.

Because the material we are asked to translate often contains sensitive or proprietary information, we’re committed to keeping your private information close at hand. We recognize the importance of safeguarding your business’ proprietary information and are happy to cooperate with any security measures your company requires.

Every ILS employee with access to your information is bound by strict non-disclosure requirements. And the same holds true for subcontractors. Our business depends on this. If you require additional security measures, you can absolutely discuss this with us prior to sharing the confidential information.

What We Do to Protect Your Document Translation

Here at International Language Services, we take your document’s security very seriously. We’ve built in measures throughout our entire document translation process to ensure that your data remains confidential.

Our IT staff controls and monitors our network firewall protection constantly, and they are alerted at the slightest hint of a breach. They maintain the protection that ensures that no outside sources intrude into the ILS system.

File transfers are often a common source for mistakes, and at ILS, we take great pains to ensure that none are made. We use the most up-to-date FTP protocols to safeguard the transfer of your information to and from ILS servers.

Speaking of servers, our internal server system has a defined backup process to prevent the loss of data.

If your project requires it, International Language Services will provide the most up-to-date encryption for your data, working with your internal tech staff to meet your requirements.

For all of our projects—both big and small—only staff and personnel specifically involved will have access to your information. International Language Services has a specific process regarding client confidentiality, and your project’s information will only be seen by those individuals who are assigned to work on it. We only disseminate information on a need-to-know basis.

We live in a digital age, where every data processor and file transfer can potentially be breached. But proper security measures can help protect your company’s privacy and confidentiality.

At International Language Services, we take pride in our high security standards. We can offer your business the most state-of-the-art security features available in today’s market, as well as meet whatever additional security measures you deem necessary for your project.

When you work with International Language Services, you’re working with the best document translation service in the business. Because so many of our high-level businesses and agency clients have top-secret information that needs to be translated, we’re committed to the processes necessary for an extremely secure document translation service.

Your business’ secure and confidential data will be in great hands when you work with International Language Services. You can trust that at ILS, your security is our No.1 concern and taking whatever steps necessary to keep your data safe is our top priority.

If you’d like more information, you can read our extensive Privacy Policy.


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