Translation is rarely a one-time-and-you’re-done proposition, especially when it comes to healthcare translation projects. That’s why choosing a trusted partner is so important.

When adding new regulatory information, new product version documentation, and making other updates, working with the same medical translation partner offers many benefits.

Of course, you will want to be sure you choose the best provider possible for your medical translation services. Choosing—and sticking with—a healthcare translation provider like International Language Services (ILS) for the long-term is a guaranteed plan for continued success.

Let’s look at a few reasons why this is true.

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A Dedicated Project Manager for Your Healthcare Translation

An experienced project manager who has exclusive management responsibilities for your healthcare translation projects can bring stability and continuity to the translation process. This person’s familiarity with your industry, your company, and your products/services is the key to stable service and reliability. In the healthcare industry, that level of excellence can mean the difference between life and death.

ILS assigns a dedicated translation project manager to every client to ensure that all of your projects are handled smoothly and efficiently. Our managers have a wealth of experience in the regions, languages, and industries on which they focus, including various areas of the healthcare industry. Your company’s project manager is committed to maintaining project workflow through initial translation, editing, formatting, quality review, and on-time delivery.

A Translation Memory Database for Your Healthcare Translation

A translation memory database stores words, phrases, and even larger text blocks from your company’s previously completed translation projects. Text from the source document and the corresponding translated text are stored in what are called “language pairs.” These language pairs can then be easily reused by a healthcare translation team member to avoid translating the same text more than once.

Since large blocks of the same text are commonly used again and again in healthcare texts, ILS builds a translation memory database from your translation projects. This saves you time and money because it is not necessary to re-translate previously used text. It also guarantees a higher standard of accuracy and consistency throughout your medical translation projects.

A Team of Subject Matter Experts for Your Healthcare Translation

Due to the complicated and industry-specific nature of most medical translation projects, not just any linguist or translator can guarantee an accurate outcome. Moreover, some anatomical and medical terms can vary between languages, and mistakes can have serious consequences.

ILS linguists have industry-recognized credentials, as well as hands-on experience, in a host of highly specialized industries, including various areas of healthcare. Not only do our specialists provide native translation expertise in more than 180 languages worldwide, but they are also subject matter experts who combine industry expertise with a keen understanding of local markets.

International Language Services is your premier choice for long-term healthcare translation services partner. Our project managers, advanced technology, and experienced subject matter experts combine to guarantee you the most accurate medical translation services available. Contact us to learn about more benefits we can offer to your healthcare company.