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Good language translation is often more involved than many manufacturers initially realize. Don’t discover this the hard way. When your manufacturing business is ready for a new product launch or plans to enter a new market, contract with a professional translation services provider that stands behind the quality of its work and provides top-notch customer service and guidance. 

International Language Services is a top provider of language translation services in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Our professional translators with specific industry expertise, state-of-the-art project management tools, and oversight by experienced project managers provide cost-effective translation services that meet the most stringent requirements, in over 180 languages. 

When you choose ILS as your translation services provider, you can count on completed manufacturing translations that meet the highest standards of excellence for any global market.  Here are the top five instances where you might use language translation services in manufacturing. 

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Language Translation for Customer-Facing Instruction Manuals 

A language translation for customer-facing instruction manuals is a necessary and vital tool for manufacturing companies that sell products in more than one country or linguistic region. Product instruction manuals for consumers accompany a wide variety of products, from automobiles to industrial machinery to electronic devices. 

Instruction manuals directly impact the understanding of the product and a user’s experience. This means that language translation is an integral part of the overall project and not something to be tacked on at the last minute or handled by an employee who happens to speak the target language. 

The quality of the language translation is directly connected to the sale’s success and the customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, manufacturing companies cannot afford errors in a product user manual that could cause accidents when handling or using a product, posing a risk to the user’s safety or life. 

Language Translation for Customer Service and Call Center Materials 

Customer service after a manufactured product is sold to the consumer can greatly impact a company’s reputation. When preparing for customer service needs for a new country or region, representatives must be prepared with accurate information about the products or services consumers have purchased. 

This is another area where professional language translation is preferred over quick, sub-standard online translations or having a local employee handle the translation. Your customer service representatives need product information in their language in order to share it  with clients who have problems or questions related to your product or service. 

Your manufacturing company does not need to create additional problems because of poorly translated customer service reference materials. Such materials could inadvertently cause service personnel to confuse or lead a consumer to harm, bringing liability issues on the company. 

Language Translation for Training and Safety Manuals 

Training manuals are an integral part of any manufacturing company’s documentation. If your business is expanding manufacturing production into other countries or regions, training and safety manuals should undergo language translation to meet the needs of local employees. In many countries, the law requires safety manuals be translated into the country’s official language(s). 

This means that manufacturing companies that neglect language translation for their training and safety manuals may be barred from conducting their services or selling their products. This can also trigger legal consequences. Plus, if a training or safety manual translation is incorrect and someone has an accident as a result, you run the risk of facing a lawsuit. 

Language Translation for Marketing Materials 

Of course, any manufacturing company will want marketing materials to undergo professional language translation. Why would you gamble the reputation of your company and its products or services by using sub-standard or unreliable translation methods on customer-facing materials? The wrong word or term can actually be offensive in your target language, and this may cause great harm to your brand. 

Your marketing materials must take into account regional and linguistic nuances and peculiarities that only a professional translation services provider will understand and consider. At times, these can cause confusion when they are included in manufacturing-specific terminology. Only a reputable translator can handle the kind of top-tier language translation that your marketing messages require. 

Connecting with a Broader Audience Through Language Translation 

Manufacturing companies are increasingly entering the global marketplace and language translation services are becoming a vital component in their operations. Audiences that speak different languages will form their impressions of your company, whether they are employees or customers, by how well you communicate with them. 

That means connecting with these broader audiences through language translation cannot be left to chance or untrained native employees. No manufacturing business can risk their reputation and success in global markets through poor translations of their inward and outward facing communications. 

International Language Services has years of experience with professional language translation services for manufacturing companies. Our quality control processes are ISO certified to guarantee your satisfaction. We employ only translators who are also subject matter experts, so your industry-specific translations are accurate. Contact International Language Services to learn more about how we can help with your next manufacturing translation project.