While many people may not give it much thought, refrigeration is an important facet of our everyday lives. Nobody knows this better than manufacturers of commercial refrigeration systems. For companies in this industry looking to expand globally, ensuring their message is translated and delivered accurately, correctly, and on time by their technical document translation services company is imperative.

Whether you specialize in high capacity systems, refrigeration systems for the transportation industry, air conditioning, restaurant cold storage, or other systems, accurately translated documents are essential when you move into a new market.

Only a technical translation services company with a record of good client communication can help keep you cool even during the most daunting translation projects. Read on to learn why.

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The Importance of Subject Matter Expertise in Technical Document Translation Services

In your quest to expand into foreign markets, you must ensure that your content is clear and easily understood by your target audience. Whether your content needing translation includes maintenance manuals, specification sheets, websites, or instrumentation interfaces, your translation vendor must have the experience, knowledge, and resources to ensure accuracy.

Inaccurate translation in refrigeration equipment may cause confusion or in the worst cases, serious consequences in the form of lawsuits and liability. As such, user manuals and installation guides must provide clear instructions to avoid potential physical harm to the end user resulting from a poor translation.

Word-for-word translation won’t cut it—only a translator with technical and subject matter expertise understands the specialized language required to accurately translate content for commercial refrigeration. Only then can you breathe easy knowing your technical translation will be easily understood by your target market, lowering your risk for injury or litigation.

Accurate Technical Document Translation Services Must Account for Formatting

When it comes to accurate technical translation for the refrigeration industry, there’s one element that must be addressed to ensure the utmost accuracy: formatting.

Commercial refrigeration systems must account for software interface issues. This means navigation tools, menus, help files, and other internal text needing translation must fit the space available.

Likewise, website navigation and layout of web content or product manuals must also be taken into consideration to ensure that the look and feel of your original files are preserved.

Because languages use different alphabets and even character sets, the company providing your technical document translation services must have the expertise to accommodate these differences to the format of your website pages, software interface, or operator’s manual.

How to Make the Right Choice When Choosing a Technical Document Translation Services Vendor

When considering a translation partner for your commercial refrigeration project, it’s important to look for a company that employs experienced project managers and native-speaking translators with subject matter expertise who can provide accurate, culturally-centered translations, properly formatted and delivered on time.

At ILS, we provide quality services that go through a rigorous multi-step process to ensure your technical translations are accurate, clear, and easily understood by your target market.

We ensure effective communication with our clients and leverage client-specific translation memory databases to expedite and optimize translation for your commercial refrigeration project documents.