The need to translate your technical documents in order to reach new markets for the first time can quickly become an overwhelming task without the right translation services partner. No one understands your company better than you—however, the last thing you want is embarrassment or lack of trust in your brand as a result of inaccurate translation in your audience’s native language.

While accurately translated documentation is imperative for communicating with audiences that don’t speak your native language, it’s equally important for your translation to stay true to your brand. Hiring a high-quality translation services company ensures your documents are correctly formatted and remain consistent with corporate style and branding guidelines.

Read on to learn about the importance of translation services that remain true to your branding.

Translation Services Must Be Experts At Formatting and Design

Translation for branded content, such as manuals, brochures, websites, and other documentation, can present specific challenges that demand a certain level of skill and expertise to ensure accuracy. Only a professional translator can effectively overcome these challenges to preserve your company’s image and accurately convey your message as originally intended.

Some of these challenges include:

Text within graphics. Text within graphic files need to be extracted, translated, and re-inserted into the original graphic.

Character sets. Your target audience’s language may use a different alphabet, be character-based, or use more or less space than the source document.

Software interface issues. Menus, navigation tools, help files, and other internal text must fit in the space available or the interface may have to be altered to accommodate your audience’s language.

Website navigation tools. Website navigation needs to be presented in a way consistent with your corporate style, while being accurate and user-friendly for your target audience.

Whether your project’s final destination is in paper form or another medium, translating your project to adhere to your branding and fit your design is a crucial step for reaching your target audience. At ILS, we fully understand the language of the translation and are equipped to format in a way that faithfully represents your corporate voice and image.

Translation Services Must Understand Your Brand, Not Just Translate Words

As someone looking to successfully reach foreign markets, you understand the importance of protecting your brand. Even so, sometimes translating technical documents can seem like an afterthought.

It’s easy to see why this may be the case, given the many challenging hurdles you must negotiate for your product before the translation stage—concepts, imagery content creation, legal approvals, sign off, production—by the time you get to translation, you’re probably thinking that the hardest steps are surely behind you.

Well, not quite. Handing off your documentation to a less-than-qualified translator can result in lack of clarity, understanding, or competence, and end up jeopardizing all of your previous efforts. All the time spent crafting the right message and specialized technical content in your own unique style will be wasted. Worse still, any misinterpretation can completely throw off your message to mean something entirely different altogether.

As a result, your target audience can be left amused, offended, or simply having lost confidence in your company or brand. Not all translators can convey your brand messaging clearly and concisely. That’s why your translation services company should understand your brand and focus on quality over process and automation.

Translation Services Should Include Project Managers And Subject Matter Experts

A useful tip when trying to decide between different translation agencies is to ask questions about their translation services process. A few good questions to ask might be: Will a project manager be assigned to my project? Are your translators certified in my language? Are your translators also subject matter experts?

At ILS, our ISO 9001:2015-certified quality process included an extensive network of professional, native-speaking translators with strong experience in your industry, along with expert project managers who can ensure your project communicates precisely, accurately, and effectively in your intended market’s language.

Remember, your brand conveys a message, not just words. That message reflects a set of values that must be understood by your target audience in the local language. That’s why simply translating word for word won’t work, and why it’s important to work

with a professional translation services company that understands your brand and appreciates its value.


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