When it comes to delivering your message to international markets, there’s no substitute for accurate, top-quality translation.

While all communication in business should be clear and easy to understand, how your message resonates with your target market is a key component of international business success. Before partnering with an international translation agency, it’s important to ensure smooth communication on all fronts.

This includes having experienced native speakers with subject matter expertise translate your documents to ensure your message is on point and easily understood by your target audience.

It also means having open communication with your international translation agency to help make the translation process as quick, efficient, and seamless as possible.

Read on for a look at two reasons why straightforward communication is important for your document translations.

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Your International Translation Agency Should Make Certain That Translations Are Clear and Accurate

In a fast-paced marketplace, expansion into global markets is often essential for growth. An important aspect of global expansion is ensuring that your translated content resonates with your audience in a way that is clear, concise, and speaks their language.

Only an international translation agency that includes experienced native speakers can ensure your intended message is delivered accurately and in a way that speaks to the regional and cultural sensitivities of your desired audience. While an in-depth knowledge of grammar and vocabulary is necessary to ensure quality translations, it’s not enough to guarantee that your message is clearly understood by your target market.

A translator must also have a keen sense for the language needing translation and understand the cultural nuances and dialects of the target market. Otherwise, you risk delivering the wrong message. Non-native translators may use words or terminology that, at best, sound comical, and at worst, cause confusion or even insult.

Before hiring your international translation agency, make sure it’s equipped with translators who are both subject matter experts and native speakers.

This will ensure your translated message is clearly and correctly communicated, precisely as you intended, the first time around. The last thing you want is to spend time and money on damage control and retranslation efforts as a result of a low-quality, incorrect translation.

It’s Important to Maintain Clear Lines of Communication With Your International Translation Agency

The translation business is expanding, and there’s no shortage of translation companies willing to work on your translation project.

Unfortunately, many of these vendors don’t have a system of quality controls to ensure clear lines of communication between your company and the translation vendor. Before partnering with an international translation agency, make sure it has a project manager designated with extensive experience managing complex projects, who will guide you through the entire translation process.

A designated project manager can employ a system of quality controls that ensures all people involved are on the same page and minimizes time spent on subsequent reviews. A project manager can also give expert advice regarding localization and formatting, as well as coordinate the required resources needed to ensure top-quality, accurate translation that accomplishes your objectives.

Establishing a clear line of communication with your translation vendor means vital pieces of information are shared in a timely manner—and your project is kept on track to meet all of your deadlines.


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