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In many ways, marketing is marketing, regardless of the industry. Therefore, one would expect that healthcare translations would not seriously impact health industry marketing efforts.

Basic business marketing principles that apply in other industries also apply in health-related industries. Things like market research, strategic planning, budgeting, branding, media, and public relations opportunities are all equally important.  

However, when your marketing messages must be translated into the languages of your target audiences, accurate healthcare translations are vital to communicating effectively. Your products, and your company’s reputation can gain or lose stock based on how healthcare information is translated.

Healthcare Translations for Customized Consumer Products

Today’s consumers need and want healthcare products with branding and marketing messages in their own language. They want to understand what they are buying, how it is supposed to help, and the directions for safe and effective use.

This means healthcare translations must be included when products undergo clinical trials or product development phases. Marketing can then reflect the growing diversity of customers for these life science and healthcare companies.

Accurate and reliable health translations can help life science firms and medical products manufacturers modify their products and messaging to account for the geographic and ethnic makeup of their markets.

Adapting healthcare marketing messages to different ethnic groups, cultures, and languages is absolutely necessary in order to develop and test global medical solutions. This is where a professional healthcare translations provider can be a vital partner in your company’s marketing strategy.

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Tips for Healthcare Translations in Marketing

In order to be a good team partner to companies and organizations within the healthcare industry, your translation services provider should follow these basic tips.

Utilize Style Guides

In order to provide accurate and reliable healthcare translations for marketing, translation providers should work with individual clients to create a glossary of terms and a style guide. This would include commonly used technical terms, clear definitions of acronyms, and key terms, especially industry-related terms. This will help ensure that your translation partner keeps your messaging accurate and meets your expectations.

Focus on Quality

Your translation services provider should always deliver the highest quality translations possible. A primary way they can achieve this level of quality is to use subject matter experts as translators. Such experts possess industry knowledge that is vital to producing accurate healthcare translations. Independent proofing by a second native-speaking translator within a defined and certified quality management system ensures error-free translations.

Localization is Important

Regardless of what is being translated, it’s important to keep the target audience in mind. This is particularly true when providing healthcare translations that will be used in marketing to a consumer audience. Medical information can be hard to understand. Translators must ensure that their translations will make sense to the audience, given the cultural considerations of each location in which the material will be used.

Get Visual

A primary way to clearly communicate important information from healthcare translations is through visuals. Pictures and images can speak a universal language when crafted correctly. In target locations where several languages or dialects are spoken, visual representations of vital marketing messages can be particularly effective.

Your healthcare translations have an important effect on marketing. Getting it right is essential for crucial first impressions and effective communication. That’s why you should choose a qualified translation partner that understands your subject matter, needs, and timeline. Contact International Language Services today and learn more about how we can help with all your translation projects.