Every business has the potential to scale on a global level, reaching an ever-expanding pool of clients. The world has become a single village, and technical translation services provide you the ability to connect with every corner. 

International Language Services is the experienced translation services partner that can help you distribute your important communications to multiple cultures and locations, in their native languages. Just look at the ways a trusted translation partner can help you. 

Technical Translations to Scale Your Business 

Our global community communicates in a variety of languages. The ability to provide your company messaging in those languages, tailored to be culturally relevant and locally sensitive, is your key to unparalleled growth. 

  • Enter New Markets – Expand your product and service offerings to new segments of our global village by communicating in their native languages. 
  • Build Positive Brand Recognition – Position your brand as a leading provider of quality goods and services in a manner that is easily understood and culturally appropriate. 
  • Comply with Regulations – Close language gaps by providing messages in a wide range of languages for both internal and external audiences. 
  • Grow Your Revenue – Access new markets among entirely new audiences to expand your revenue channels. 

Grow Your Internal and External Messaging 

It’s easy to see the need for quality technical translations for your external messaging as your business expands into global markets. Numerous documents must be provided in the native language of your audience people, including: 

  • Sales material
  • Product packaging
  • User guides/manuals 
  • Warning information/labels
  • Warranty documentation
  • Regulatory compliance documentation 

But your expanding business also entails technical translations for your internal audiences. More locales mandate that companies provide their employee messages in a number of languages. The same applies on an even larger scale as you open new facilities outside of the United States. These can include: 

  • Employee handbooks
  • Safety publications
  • Equipment user manuals/instructions/decals
  • Insurance information 
  • Routine company internal communications 

ILS – Your Trusted Partner for Technical Translations 

International Language Services provides high-quality technical translations for a variety of industry specializations in over 180 languages. Our linguists combine native language translation proficiency with subject matter expertise to produce the highest possible quality translations of your internal and external documents. 

With ILS as your trusted partner for technical translations, your satisfaction is assured. We take your messaging and communications seriously and make it our business to provide the best possible service for your translation needs. 

Quality Translations

Every translation communicates accurately and effectively and is free of errors that can cloud communication. ISO 9001:2015 certification provides verification of quality processes.

Competitive Pricing

Using the latest technology helps keep translation costs within your budget, without sacrificing quality. ILS recognizes the value of a well-managed translation project.

Top-Notch Resources

Our native-speaking translators are experienced in your industry and supervised by expert project managers under a documented, certified quality process for guaranteed quality.

On-Time Performance

Your schedule is critical. From initial contact to delivery of completed projects, responsiveness that meets your needs is a key to your satisfaction.

Dedicated Project Management

A project manager is committed to maintaining project workflow through initial translation, editing, formatting, quality review, and on-time delivery. 

Outstanding Communication & Service

Your document translation services partner keeps you informed of progress, is always responsive to your requests, and is willing to go the extra mile for you.

Multiple language projects can be completed as easily as those in a single language. With automation everywhere in today’s world, ILS retains a human touch with our accessible, responsive, and flexible team of professionals. And, our ISO certification assures you of timely and accurate results. For more information about International Language Services, contact us today.