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The business world is full of professionals with different backgrounds, languages, and behaviors. It is full of interaction, and especially so in a digital world.

Much emphasis is placed on translating customer-facing documents, but we often forget that internal documentation is just as important. A solid company starts from the inside out, so make sure your corporate document translations are as accurate as your external documents.

Why Is Corporate Document Translation Necessary?

Organizations that operate in numerous international locations benefit from translating their internal documents into multiple languages.

Corporate document translation is essential for critical internal communications, in the languages that are most commonly used by your employees. Translating internal documents ensures that your company can communicate clearly and consistently across all languages commonly used by your employees, partners, and investors.

What Corporate Communications Should Be Translated?

Internal corporate documents, like training materials, style guides, employee handbooks, safety instructions and equipment operator manuals, all provide benefits from being translated into different languages.

Employee Handbooks

Regardless of the language they speak or the location they work in, you need to be sure that the messages conveyed to your employees through official company communications are consistent, especially when the documents involve the definition of roles, corporate culture, and policies. If not translated properly, your company runs the risk of miscommunicating specific messages that need to be crystal clear.

Businesses that operate around the world normally operate in a consistent manner, especially when it comes to documents regarding dangerous and difficult situations. 

When employee safety is at stake, it is imperative to make sure that every member of your staff, regardless of their native language, has full clarity. Even though they may be fluent in English, it is risky to assume that every nuance of your communication will be properly understood, unless you provide accurate translations.  Learn more about how the improper translation of your employee handbooks can be a liability.

Style Guides

Style guides are an important document for corporations because so much marketing messaging revolves around them. Corporate style guides reference tone, grammar, word usage, point of view, etc. and are designed to ensure that all your published content is consistent with your brand. 

Any nuance or wording improperly skipped, or substituted out, during translation could cause inconsistency in the way that your business is perceived.

Training Materials and Operator Manuals

Operator manuals and training materials provide instructions on how to perform a task, follow a process or operate a piece of equipment. When translated correctly, user manuals help international audiences properly operate machinery, set up devices, and more. 

The need for conciseness and consistency in messaging makes expert translation necessary. Let’s break it down further.

Why a Professional Translation Service Should Be Translating Your Corporate Communications

In order to avoid issues with efficiency, performance, and progress, it is best to standardize communication and create a unified message. The two main areas that see a benefit when standardized are people and policies.


Creating a unified and easy-to-follow message significantly improves the way that employees adapt to corporate culture and communication. Avoid employee issues later with simplified onboarding, training, and operating frameworks. 

By having employees operate according to the same messaging, any ambiguity or potential confusion can be eliminated. Your translation provider can translate your corporate communications so that you maintain consistency.


From internal emails to partner and client interactions, streamlined processes and procedures help to guide corporate communication throughout departments, and companies as a whole. 

Even your use of technology, such as internal and client-facing devices and applications, can benefit from standardized messaging that is effectively translated.

When rushed or translated improperly, your important corporate guidelines and documents may contain mistranslated messages.

International Language Services, Inc. is a professional translation services partner with expertise in over 180 languages and dialects. Our corporate document translation services help businesses maintain consistency and build a workplace culture based on effective global communication. 

When it comes to corporate communications, look no further than the experienced team at ILS. Contact us today to learn more.