When you find yourself looking for a quality translation service provider, you must keep several details in mind. Doing so will help you match with a top-notch translation service provider that meets your expectations with real human service.

To help you identify what to look for in a translation service provider, we have highlighted key features you should consider, such as localization services, industry knowledge, and document security. While there will be unique needs specific to your situation, the items below will provide a solid base for any initial conversation with a prospective translation service provider.

1. Industry Knowledge

If you are looking to use a translation service provider to aid you in specific tasks, you will likely want translators familiar with your industry, career field, or marketing. While that might not always seem necessary, it can be helpful and make a significant difference in the end result.

For example, if you work in engineering and need someone to translate a series of notes for an international client, you will want someone with knowledge of the engineering industry.

Otherwise, the translation service provider will likely not understand the nuances associated with the field, and errors you could have avoided from the start will be made.

2. Reputation

High reviews are among the top factors to consider when searching for a translation service provider. You will want evidence of consistently high:

  • Standards
  • Professionalism
  • Customer attentiveness
  • Industry knowledge

If you can, having a phone conversation or exchanging email messages with the translation service provider’s prior customers can help provide peace of mind.

Suppose you pick a translator without properly researching their past experiences. In that case, you open yourself up to getting results that are low quality and not to the standard you were hoping for at the beginning. While nothing is guaranteed, this method can significantly reduce the chances of an unfortunate outcome with a translation service provider.

3. Customer Service

We all know the impact of poor customer service, and avoiding it should be prioritized when considering a translation service provider. You need to be able to rely on the customer service you get and know that the team working on your project will be responsive. Your translation service should offer certain guarantees as part of their standard customer service:

  • Quality policy
  • Internal audits
  • Expert record keeping
  • Client communication
  • Performance reviews
  • Problem resolution

Quality customer service allows your team to have a consistent message for your target audience, in every language you choose. If there is any discrepancy, or if you need to get in touch with your translator, the team manager should be available and reliable with their communication.

If your translation service does not have integrity, professionalism, and does not exceed your expectations with prompt and effective customer service, then you need to reconsider your working relationship.

4. Delivery Times

Before entering into an agreement with a translation service provider, you will want to get a clear idea of the standard delivery times for the service you’re requesting. These timelines will look different depending on the task at hand. For instance, if you need real-time translation, you will want to have someone with flexibility in their schedule to accommodate your clients.

On the other hand, if you are looking to have a series of documents translated to another language, there will likely be an extended delivery period.

Regardless, discuss your expectations with your translation service provider so everyone is on the right page. Doing so will ensure you can adapt your plans without any disruptive surprises, whether that’s expanding into new markets or getting technical documents when you need them.

5. Price

Although it’s something that we don’t often want to consider when searching for quality translation service providers, the cost of the service is a crucial element to address. With strict budgets, It can be tempting to pay for a low-cost automation service when you need a translation service provider, but you should try to avoid this scenario.

The difference between artificial intelligence (AI) translation and human interpretation is night and day. Those who don’t have familiarity with the language won’t notice a difference, but individuals who are native-speaking will see the reduction in quality immediately.

While it can be tempting, avoid low-cost translation service provider options if you think you will sacrifice overall quality. You will have better results through the use of a native-speaking, human translation service provider.

6. Long-Term Needs

It’s vital to consider your long-term needs for a translation service provider. Finding a company that is willing to forge a long-term relationship is crucial. It gives you the flexibility to craft a forward-thinking future for your translation requirements, whether it’s to support branding and marketing or to aid in your company’s expansion into new sectors.

The need for ongoing translation is rapidly growing, with a significant shift to international partnerships and global corporations taking place worldwide. A reputable translation service provider will work with you to bridge the gaps made by language barriers for as long as you need.

Make sure to choose a company that wants to build a relationship early on to help you operate more efficiently and facilitate a seamless transition to other projects in the future.

7. Security

When you outsource work to a translation service provider, you may sometimes find yourself sending over confidential and sensitive information. You need to be confident that the translation service provider you’ve chosen has sufficient security procedures in place to keep your documents from being hacked or shared while in their possession. This is especially true if you work with a human-oriented service.

Having an open conversation with your translation service provider about their security protocols, internally within their office or team and externally regarding technology barriers, is critical to the interpretation contract process.

Many agencies and individual translators are also open to signing a contract or confidentiality statement as a way to further protect the interests of your work and business and to guarantee that your best interests are at the forefront of the business agreement.

8. Real Human Service

When it comes to translation, from consistent translations to quality customer service, a human touch is vital. If a translation service relies on AI translation, you may get your project returned quickly, but it will not have the nuance and understanding of a native-speaking human.

Not only will a real human being provide a better understanding of the texts that need to be translated, they can ensure consistency in your message, no matter how many languages you need your work translated into.

Find a Translation Service Provider You Can Trust Today

translation service provider you can trust today

Not all translation services are created equal. There are specific criteria you shouldn’t push aside when searching for the best option. Attributes like native-speaking translation service providers, localization, human interpretation vs. AI translation, and even the service price come into play.

At International Language Services, we know how important it is to have your documents translated by people with industry-level knowledge. Working with a team of professionals who know how to deliver documents in a timely fashion can make the translation process seamless. We actively work with our clients to ensure our services meet their brand values, from technical documents to marketing materials, every step of the way.

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