Engineering projects are booming, and are projected to grow even further in the future. When you need to initiate an engineering translation project to meet a client’s requirements, how do you know which translation company to choose? Most can answer your translation questions. But asking the right questions before you undertake a translation project can help ensure a successful result that meets your budget for costs and timeline.

Asking the following 5 questions will help you choose the most qualified and reliable translation services partner for the engineering translation services your company needs.

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Why Should I Choose Your Engineering Translation Services?

You should ask all prospective translation services partners what makes them special. Why do they stand above the rest? At International Language Services, Inc., we are driven by the following three values:  


At ILS, our conduct always places our clients’ best interests first. We are honest and approachable and truly care about your business success.


We are highly skilled in our areas of expertise. Our team is uncommonly responsive and highly respectful to our clients and to each other.

Exceeding Client Expectations

Of course, we deliver on our promises. But, our goal is for you to be delighted working with us and with the outcome of your project.

What Kind of Personnel Handle My Engineering Translation?

The quality of personnel makes a huge difference in the quality of work a translation company produces. What types of personnel should you look for in a quality engineering translation provider?

Native Linguists

Every ILS native translator goes through a rigorous review process to ensure his or her language and translation skills meet our high standards. Each one has industry-recognized credentials.

All are native speakers with firsthand knowledge of regional and local colloquialisms to make their translations as accurate and natural as possible.

Subject Matter Experts

International Language Services has provided engineering translation services to civil, structural, geotechnical, construction, urban planning, aeronautical, electrical, mechanical, petroleum, and chemical engineering companies.

Because of this vast amount of experience, we are familiar with the typical engineering documents and subject matter that need translation, like specification sheets and instrumentation interfaces, technical patents and drawings, reports, plans and operations and maintenance manuals for complex industrial processes, and heavy machinery.


To ensure accuracy and clarity, the ILS translation team assigned to your project includes two fully qualified translators per language, one who translates and one who verifies that the translation is a precise representation of your original message.

Once the initial translation is completed by one of our native-speaking subject matter experts, the second qualified translator compares the translation to your source file for accuracy, completeness, and tone.

Can You Share Your Engineering Translation Process?

Quality processes produce quality results. At ILS, we firmly believe in that, and through our years of experience, we have forged a comprehensive project management process that is the key to our success.

  1. Every ILS client is assigned to one of our experienced, dedicated project managers.
  2. Your project is assigned a team of our highly experienced, native-speaking, professional translators, based on subject matter expertise, for translation and editing.
  3. ILS builds and maintains a client-specific “translation memory” by language, containing your translated phrases.
  4. ILS can complete formatting of translated files into most commonly used tagged file formats and desktop publishing applications, fully proofread and ready for your immediate use.
  5. Your ILS project manager guides the project from initial translation through editing and formatting, to final review and delivery, paying close attention to both cost and schedule.
  6. We welcome feedback on your completed project to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the quality of our work, and your experience working with our team.

Can You Guarantee the Quality of My Engineering Translation Project?

What kind of guarantees are in place to ensure that my company will be satisfied with the completed engineering translation project?

ILS’ Reputation  

ILS has been providing quality translations to businesses since 1982. You benefit from the longstanding relationships we have developed over 35+ years with the top-notch medical device, industrial, and technical translators.

ISO Certification

With  ILS, on-time delivery and client satisfaction are continuously measured as part of our ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance process.

If, by chance, there is a question about translations we have provided to you, let us know and we will resolve matters to your complete satisfaction.  

Lloyd’s of London

How confident is ILS of the expertise of our translators and the quality of our finished products?  We carry Errors & Omissions insurance with Lloyd’s of London. You can be sure that your translations are error-free and accurate, the first time and every time.

How Can I Prepare My Material for an Engineering Translation?

Is there anything my company can do to prepare our material to make the engineering translation process go smoothly?

Write for Translation

Make sure your original documents are professionally written and edited in their original language, with short, clear sentences. Including only one thought per sentence helps translators understand your meaning and simplifies the process of building your translation memory.

Provide Editable Source Files

Common file formats for text and images are most easily translated and will save the time required to convert PDFs or technical drawings to simpler, editable formats.

Prepare a Glossary

Create a corporate glossary and style guide of technical terms, including clear definitions of acronyms, and key terms, especially company-specific industry terms. This helps ensure that our translation team can translate your specific engineering terminology to meet your exact preferences.

International Language Services is your premier choice for an engineering translation services partner. Our project managers, advanced technology, and experienced subject matter experts combine to guarantee you the most accurate translation services available. Contact us to learn about more benefits we can offer to your engineering company.