As with any other kind of technical translation, translation for the mining industry presents specific challenges. A word-for-word translation in this industry will not be enough, as subject matter expertise is also required to accurately translate terminology specific to mining.

By hiring a certified document translation service, you can avoid costly accidents that may result in serious injury to miners who don’t fully understand instructions for safely handling mining equipment.

Read on for a look at three reasons why certified translation services are important for your mining documentation.

Certified Document Translation Services Help Ensure Safety and Efficiency

The importance of accurate translation in the mining industry cannot be overstated. That is because at its most serious, a simple mistranslation in the target language can mean the difference between life and death.

The last thing you want is for your audience to misunderstand an emergency protocol or text in usage instructions for mining safety and equipment. This can result in serious accidents that can lead to costly litigation and damage to your brand.

Examples of less serious situations that may occur as a result of an inaccurate translation in mining documentation are incorrect training for employees, wrong signage text, and mistranslated schedules, proposals, and contracts. While these scenarios don’t necessarily result in immediate danger for your target audience, they can certainly cause major delays in important projects and costly retranslation efforts for your company.

Certified Document Translation Services Help Ensure Accuracy for Localized Markets

If your mining business works abroad, localization is of vital importance to accurately convey your message to your target audience. Localization not only translates the words, but also ensures they fit within a context that makes sense for the intended audience.

As mining and engineering projects expand into new markets, so does the need to effectively and accurately translate documentation for localized audiences. Mining projects generally follow a specific workflow schedule that can’t be interrupted. In addition, drawings and other technical documents from local authorities and industry resources must be readily understood by the end user to ensure safety and compliance.

Many of these documents will require localized translation services in order to keep projects on track and avoid delays or confusion that may cut into your profits and halt overall progress for your mining project.

Certified Document Translation Services Help Ensure a Rapid Turnaround With Specialized Equipment Documentation

Because mining equipment can be highly specialized and limited in production quantities, equipment specifically designed for certain projects requires specialized document translation services that can ensure both accuracy and a rapid turnaround time.

Some of this equipment includes conveyor systems, excavators, loaders, mining shovels, and mineral exploration technology. The mining industry uses highly specific terminology that can only be accurately translated by subject matter experts in this particular field. Only a certified document translation services company can ensure your mining technical translation is accurate and easily understood by the target audience.

At ILS, our translators aren’t just certified linguists—they are also subject matter experts. Because mining technical translation requires absolute accuracy to ensure safety and efficiency, we take extra steps beyond translation to ensure quality in the form of proofing, editing, and finally, quality assurance.


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