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Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world. From its origins in Spain, it has migrated around the world, with Latin American countries now making up the bulk of Spanish-speaking people. Today, Spanish is is the fastest growing language spoken in the U.S. For international business, translation of various type of technical documents into Spanish is an ever-present need. At International Language Services (ILS), Spanish is a major emphasis. We have a large resource pool of native-speaking technical translators with experience and training in many areas of business, and from many Spanish-speaking countries. This enables us to localize translations for any country where you do business.

  • European Spanish – If Spain is your target market, our translators will accurately present your translation in the proper dialect for Spain, with its unique vocabulary for many words and concepts. In Spain, as in France, Spaniards are protective of the purity of the language, so errors in vocabulary or grammar can jar readers and interfere with communication.
  • Mexico – As a large market for U.S. companies, Mexico has its own brand of Spanish. Vocabulary in Mexico differs from that of Spain in many ways, particularly in technical areas. For example, "computer" translates to el ordenador in Spain, but to la computadora in Mexico. That’s just a simple example of the many differences that must be considered, particularly in technical documents. If your translation is targeted to Mexico, we will ensure that your translation will be accurate for that market.
  • Latin America – As Spanish spread to become the primary language in most Central American and South American countries, it evolved to produce different dialects in each country. At ILS, we can localize Spanish technical translations to suit individual markets, or produce a neutral translation you can use in more than one country. The choice is yours.
  • Spanish in the U.S. – The increase in the number of Spanish-speaking residents of the United States has led to many companies supplying technical documents including user’s manuals, instructions, brochures, newsletters, legal documents, labels, and packaging, targeted at U.S. markets in bi-lingual format. At our Spanish technical translation company, we can accommodate you by expertly translating and formatting these bi-lingual documents, such as labels, marketing materials, end user manuals, and more.
  • Diacritical Markings – The Spanish character set utilizes a number of letters not found in English, along with variations in punctuation. Our careful proofreading and formatting practices will ensure that every letter is correct.

If your company needs multilingual translation, we can translate all of your Spanish technical documents into 150 other languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Latvian and more. We translate all technical documents – manuals, labels, business contracts, brochures, IFU’s, instructions – for a wide range of industries, including telecommunication, advertising, engineering, manufacturing, information technology, medical devices, consumer electronics and more.

International Language Services – Leading Spanish Technical Translation for Business

If you need accurate Spanish translations for any business purpose, ILS has you covered. Whether your business is in Spain, or another country where Spanish is spoken, our native-speaking translators from many regions have the specialized industry training you need to clearly communicate your message. Our localization services can create individual translations for any target nation quickly and cost-effectively. Contact us soon with your current Spanish translation project, or to discuss your upcoming translation needs.