How to Choose a Technical Document Translation Service

  |  April 5, 2017

How to choose the right technical document translation service.

The most effective translations occur when the recipient of the message understands precisely what was intended by the messenger. As straightforward as this may sound, there’s a lot of room for confusion within this seemingly simple process. Effective and accurate technical document translation service requires an in-depth understanding of language, communication, and cultural differences. Therefore,... Read More

35 Tips for Successful Translation

  |  March 8, 2017

35 tips for successful translation.

International Language Services provides expert translation of specialized documents for businesses, such as medical device and industrial manufacturers. We provide successful translations that communicate clearly and consistently across all of the languages you need. We know that planning, writing, formatting, vendor selection and project execution are key to ensuring your translation is completed accurately and... Read More

User Manuals and Product Interfaces: Best Practices for Document Translation

  |  February 2, 2017

Best Practices for Document Translation

Many manufacturers have ongoing needs for product manual and user interface translations. These documents may be relatively simple and straight forward, such as short manuals for microwave ovens or medical devices, like glucose monitors. For capital equipment used in large industrial settings, the manuals may be longer, and much more complex. Whether your company’s manual... Read More

New Product Launch: Considerations for Manufacturers When Budgeting for Translation Services

  |  January 25, 2017

budgeting for translation services

A new product launch involves advance planning and investments in research, packaging, engineering, marketing, and more in order to ensure product success. Unfortunately, many manufacturers don’t consider language translation services until the very last minute – and often only as an afterthought. But by then, it is already too late to properly plan and budgeting... Read More