The Corporate Communications Pieces You Should Be Translating—and May Not Be

  |  March 14, 2018

Are you translating the corporate communications pieces you should be to keep your business successful?

Any company doing business in international markets knows that appropriately translated corporate communications are essential for conducting business well. Global businesses may not only face language barriers routinely with their clients, but also might run into difficulties communicating internal policies and procedures with employees. International offices enable greater access to global markets, but businesses often... Read More

Exploring the Role of Translation Services in International Trade

  |  March 7, 2018

Is your business ready to take on international trade?

If your business is ready to take on a new and international market, congratulations! Expanding into foreign markets can be a daunting endeavor, and often rewards risk takers with great returns. Growth into new markets means new customers to serve and new revenue opportunities for your firm, but it also comes with a host of... Read More

The Evolution of Language & What It Means for Document Translation

  |  February 28, 2018

What do you think the evolution of language means for document translation?

Every year, thousands of new words are added to dictionaries around the world. The evolution of language has become even more evident, with greater impact on businesses,  as the Internet has enabled communities across continents to form bonds. Language is a system of communication, and although often confused, differs from speech. Speech involves the production... Read More

Untranslatable Words—What Happens When There’s No Word for That?

  |  February 14, 2018

What happens when there are untranslatable words?

It happens more often than you can imagine: untranslatable words. An English word that has no word or phrase in the language of a target market. Or a word in Farsi that can’t be adequately translated into Hungarian. So what happens now? Is “close enough” good enough? While there are many lists of alleged untranslatable... Read More