International Language Services

About International Language Services

International Language Services provides highly-specialized, document translation service for medical device, manufacturing, and industrial organizations that goes far beyond the basic translation services of generalist translation firms.

International Language Services provides hands-on project management team support and skilled, native-speaking translators with industry-specific knowledge. With state-of-the-art translation memory software, ISO 9001:2015 certification, and access to translators for any language and business application, our ILS team delivers strategic business value to mid-size and Fortune 500 companies requiring accurate, natural, and technically-precise document translation service.

In today’s ultra-competitive business world, companies face relentless deadlines to introduce new products and gain a competitive edge. We provide precise, timely, and effective document translation service to help our clients:

  • Successfully enter new markets
  • Build positive brand recognition and value
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Reduce risk

At ILS, we stake our reputation on delivering the kind of strategic value that boosts our clients’ credibility in the global marketplace and maximizes their profitability.

Our work is guided by our core values of integrity, professionalism and exceeding client expectations.

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